My Little Sister’s 11th Birthday!

Someone just turned a year older yesterday. Nope, not me. My little sister, Trixia. She just turned 11. Two more years and she’ll be a teenager. I keep reiterating this but time really flies so fast.


Last year, I was out of the country when she turned 10, so I had to make it up to her this time. I didn’t have anything planned under my sleeves, but we just went with the flow, and it was a fun, wholesome ride.


Trixia continued her badminton classes this month of May, making it her second course. Originally, there were only three of them enrolled in April. But as May came, their number increased to seven. Coincidentally, it’s our favorite number and her birthday. Must be fate, or pure coincidence. Either way, the more the merrier. Two of those new enrollees are our cousins – Karlo and Phillene. Trixia now has even more reason and increased motivation to come into classes, equipped with her badminton racket and strong willpower.


Yesterday, another cousin of ours – Aidan, a.k.a. Mao – was also present. We were all set to go at around 10AM, but Mao had to wait for his mother for money. He wanted to buy something. It didn’t matter where or what, so long as he consumes money. His mother volunteered to pick up the four of us, so we waited. His mom arrived half past the hour of ten, wasted no time, and speeded across the highway. We arrived at Badminton Republic at around 11AM. Phillene already put on her where-were-you face, sweat trickling down her temples. At least they had one hour left. Karlo was so glad we were late as he hated the warm-ups and stretchings. He claimed that his stomach always got in the way. We couldn’t help but laugh.


Mao and I had one hour until they were done with their classes, so we decided to head to Great Gizmos, a two-storey game shop. The ground floor is filled with gaming merchandise. Gaming consoles, accessories, you name it, they have it. The second floor housed their Xboxes with a per-hour rate gaming. We played Naruto Shippuuden Generations on one if their Xbox 360s. I hate to admit it, but Mao had more wins than me. It was my first time playing an Xbox. A total handicap. Mao having an Xbox 360 with Kinect in their house didn’t help either. My hands have experience in PS2, Wii, and PSP games though. If it were one of those consoles, I would have won. But it was fun. Mao bought a headset before we went back to Badminton Republic. There goes his Imma-buy-something-whether-I-need-it-or-not nature.

When we got back, we were surprised to see Phillene’s Dad, Tito (means Uncle) Phillip, or Tito Pep as we call him. He volunteered to treat us wherever we wanted to eat, as a birthday gift for Trixia. Everyone decided to eat at Mang Inasal – a barbecue fast food chain, serving chicken, pork barbeque and other Filipino favorites. They also offer unlimited rice. No one leaves until their bellies are full.


As usual, Mang Inasal was filled with people. The unlimited rice option attracts people far and wide, especially during lunch time. We all ordered Chicken BBQ. Tito Pep ordered the spicy version. For our dessert, Halo-halo – a popular Filipino dessert that is a mixture of shaved ice and evaporated milk to which are added various boiled sweet beans and fruits, and served in a tall glass or bowl. Man was I full. A big THANK YOU to Tito Pep for treating us.

Before heading home, my cousins decided to play Go Bananas – a scratch-off contest that claims odds of about one winner for every five tickets. Luckily Sadly, they were able to find none at the downtown area, so we were home bound.


Trixia lied down on her bed the moment we got home. She was tired. Karlo and Trixia had an appointment with Enopi, a review center, at 4PM. They had two hours to rest. Karlo’s mom, Tita (means aunt) Blanche, felt the need to enroll them for further mental development. She feels that enrolling them both would increase their chances of passing Philippine Science High School or other prestigious schools’ entrance exams. I agreed to the idea.

4 o’clock. Enopi Center. Second floor. I stayed there until they were done. Took ’em around 45 minutes. They answered some kind of test to determine their level. Unsurprisingly, Trixia’s level was higher than Karlo’s. But in terms of answering time, Karlo finished first. One of the review teachers explained the strong and weak points of both of them to me and Karlo’s mom, who arrived at around 5PM. I wasn’t really listening, but I tried nodding and looking once in a while. Karlo was able to convince his parents that a gift would increase his motivation, and so we went to Robinsons Mall. First on the list was Go Bananas. Trixia and Karlo tried their luck.

For the second time, we were treated. Supposedly, we were to eat dinner at home as mom always buys us dinner from various fast food restaurants. But refusing an offer is kinda impolite, so we accepted it. We ate at KFC. Afterwards, we went home as we were all tired from the constant traveling.


At home, we told mom everything. From the constant freebies to the fun and laughter we all shared. It was a blast! I can’t believe I missed it last year. I’m looking forward to Trixia’s next birthday, hoping for more smiles, fun, and laughter.


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