My Super Mom

I want to start this blog with a huge greeting: HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! Not only to my mom, but all the other moms out there as well. Today is your special day. But honestly, this should be celebrated everyday as all moms deserve nothing but the best because they are the best!


My mother, Trina, has always been taking care of me ever since I was still in her womb. That’s a total of more than twenty years. Imagine how much burden she had to carry. But despite all the hardships of having a child, she still pampers me and showers me with her unconditional love. And it is this love that fuels my fiery desire to make her proud and feel just as loved. It is a child’s sworn duty to reciprocate a mother’s love. Always.


Last year, I had to spend her day abroad for my practicum. But I did it so that she can be proud of me. I was out of the country for four months. Independence was my new best friend. But, there was not a single day that passed by that I didn’t think about her and my little sister, Trixia. My family is just irreplaceable.


This year, or today to be more specific, I spent it with Mom and Trixia. We saw this movie called The Mommy Returns. Here’s the synopsis:


“THE MOMMY RETURNS” is a family comedy-horror movie about a mother, Ruby (POKWANG) who dies right on the day of her 25th wedding anniversary with gorgeous husband, William (GABBY CONCEPCION). With her untimely death, she is temporarily trapped in PURGA (short for Purgatory) with its guardian, Dyoga (JOHN LAPUS, ang diyosa ng purga) and the pesky Manny, the chicken pet of San Pedro.


Enter CATHERINE (RUFFA GUTTIEREZ) – a younger, fresher, and much, much prettier woman who comes into the life of William. When she threatens to take Ruby’s place as mother to her three beloved children (KIRAY, GERALD PESIGAN and JILLIAN WARD), hell (er, purgatory) breaks loose as Ruby escapes back to earth as a ghost to scare and drive Catherine out of the family she left behind!


What follows is a riot of scary antics and tactics that will prove that “hell hath no fury like a dead woman,” especially if she is a mother who can’t leave her children behind!


The movie was so funny, and touching at the same time. It was the perfect complement to Mother’s Day. Plus, I got to hear mom laugh quite a lot. I just love hearing mom laugh.


After the movie, mom treated us to some ice cream. And not just any ice cream. It was Magnum – Chocolate Truffles. It was my first time trying one. I’ve heard about Magnum months ago, and I’ve always wanted to try one. But I’ve always been procrastinating, to the point that I’ve actually forgotten about it. At least now, my taste buds got a little tickle from my chocolatey indulgence. May I say, it was delicious. Belgian chocolate really is something.


I’m not gonna make this blog longer. All I really want to say is MOM, We love you so much! You are the best thing that ever happened to me and Trixia. God bless you!



P.S. Today is also when we celebrate our place’s Fiesta. Happy fiesta to Fatima Village! Theme: So faith, hope, love remain; but the Greatest of These is Love.


4 thoughts on “My Super Mom

    1. Oh I will. And you greet your mom and wife a humongous Happy Mother’s Day for me as well. 😀 And we will show them how we love them. 🙂 Your welcome! 🙂

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