Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

When I think about the color blue, hundreds of ideas pop to my head. Images of the sky, water, cars, even that blue XXL Elmo shirt my cousin has. Blue may not be my favorite color, but I love it nonetheless. Plus, I share a lot of memories with it.


Last year, during my On-the-Job Training at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, we would often spend our day-offs exploring. Water Country was one of the places we stumbled upon.

Water Country USA is the mid-Atlantic’s largest water park. Here you’ll find a large collection of exciting water slides and attractions with 1950s and 60s surf theme.

I, together with my co-workers/co-OJTs Jovaille, Kevin, and Kate, also known as the Smokehouse Power Four, ventured to Water Country for a little unwinding. All work and no fun makes one a killjoy. We made it a habit to travel and have fun together.

There’s always a first for everything. And while it was our first time there, we wasted no time and entered the water park.


Surfer’s Bay

First attraction we tried was Surfer’s Bay, Virginia’s largest wave pool with four-foot waves.

As much as we wanted to stay with the machine-generated waves, we had to try the other attractions.

Rambling River

Not sure of the exact name of this kiddy ride, but it was sure entertaining. Keeping our cameras dry was part of the fun.


Kritter Korral

Kritter Korral had play equipment and miniature slides for the park’s smallest guest. It is reserved for children under 50″. The four of us certainly didn’t fit the criteria, but we still tried it.

Nitro Racer

This ride uses six slide lanes to allow guests to race face first on plastic/foam mats to race with family and friends on a hot day!

This was my second best ride. We had to walk a long way to get to the top of the ride. Once we were there, we were having second thoughts. My fear of heights always got in the way. But we were already on top, and when the lady signaled us to drop on our knees and counted to three, I was in for some ride. Head-first, I couldn’t keep my mouth closed. Water splashed all over. The ride was over in a few seconds. But it had me saying, “One more time!”



Family ride. About 80% enclosed in the dark, had special effects but most were abandoned, and four water curtains while it holds about 5 each “tube”.


AquaZoid was hands-down our best ride ever. We all had to agree on this one. Enclosed in the dark, we had no idea what to expect. There were sudden twists and turns, coupled with flashing lights. We were screaming our lungs out. The adrenaline rush was a refreshingly good way of enjoying the ride.


Hot Spot Café

Cool cats would love the mouth-watering menu at this little café.


Open wide for sizzling fajita sandwiches, salads and club sandwiches, and much more — we left satisfied and ready for more splash-o-rific fun.


Malibu Pipeline


Two mirror image slides with covered sections and two water curtains. It has single-rider and double-person “tubes”.

We had to go in pairs for this ride. I paired up with Jovaille. Kevin paired up with Kate. It was a quick ride, not as fun as the others, but still entertaining.


Back to Surfer’s Bay

We couldn’t get enough of this attraction. There was this indescribable element that somehow got us attached. Well, this was where it all began… our tour of Water Country, I mean. 😀


SmokeHouse Power Four, I miss the laughter we share, the thrills, the shrills, the bonding, the adventures, but most importantly, I miss you three! I would really like to be with you guys again, even for just a day. Hope all of you are fine.


Until next time.


One thought on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

  1. A perfect Summer adventure. Water Country USA looks like a fun and exciting place to be. The water rides and activities just looks amazing. Best of all, you are among friends who knows how to have a great time. And that makes a huge difference. I bet your Summer will be awesome. Thanks for sharing….

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