Summer: My Little Sister’s Badminton Class Outing

This is my entry for WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer.


Every summer has a story.


Yesterday was my little sister Trixia’s Badminton Summer Class Outing. Their Summer Classes ended on Friday, and since the coaches are from different places and planning to go home, they felt the need for a little unwinding and bonding time with their students for the last time. (Well, until they see each other again, that is.)


Venue: San Juanico Golf and Country Club.


I’ve heard of the venue before, but I’ve never set foot there. Perfect timing.


We arrived at around 9AM. Man, it was hot. The essence of summer really kicked in.



The place has a very nice ambiance with its spacious, relaxing greenery landscape maintained on regular intervals.



And, of course, it wouldn’t be complete without… a swimming pool – one of the most popular attractions for anyone in the midst of Summer.



Sing and Dance Intermission Numbers


To kick-start the event, a prayer was offered to God, thanking Him for all the blessings He has showered.



Next, a sing and dance number was required from three groups of summer class students. Trixia was part of Group 3. Each group drew slots to arrange the sequence. Group 3 came in second.


First up was Group 2 (I wasn’t really paying attention :P). They sang Burning Up by Joe Jonas. They did a good job covering the song, but their faces hinted a bit of embarrassment.  I guess stage fright is so common among kids. Then, they did a dance number. Forgot the title.


The second number was a dance from Group 3. They used Selena Gomez and The Scene’s song Shake It Up! As a result from lack of practice; they hardly knew the song, they hardly moved, with the exception of one of their team mates – Julz. Julz did the only dancing, and he entertained a lot of people. Good for them. For their song number, Sage,one of their team mates, sang Adele’s Rolling in the deep. It was beautiful.


The third was Group 1’s rendition to Justin Bieber’s song Baby. Not only did they sing, but they had a few moves up their sleeves. This was the most entertaining number. At one point, the boys were kneeling, begging the girls to be with them. For their dance number, they chose a Chipmunk song. They wore cute little hats and were actually synchronized.




Last Friday, a mini tournament was held for both the Advanced Players and Beginners.


My cousin, Karlo, earned the title of Champion for Beginners Division, with Julz as the runner-up.



Pool Games


The kids were itching to dive in the pool the moment they got there. And when the signal was given, not a second was wasted. Most of them took the plunge, splashing each other.



One of the games they played was “The Boat is Sinking”. The kids had so much fun trying to decide which boat to join.



After the games, it was all-out swimming for everyone, enjoying every moment with each other.



The tans may fade, but the memories will last forever. Here’s to more fun days of Summer!


2 thoughts on “Summer: My Little Sister’s Badminton Class Outing

  1. Oh, wow! These pictures simply spells, “Fun and exciting Summer!” You are blessed with a wonderful family. The place is beautiful but more beautiful are the smiles of everyone. So happy. So connected with each other. Cherish your family always.

    1. I have to agree with you on that one. FUN is the word to describe it. Thank you! I feel really blessed.

      I know, right? Seeing their smiles just beats the heat off. I will cherish them forever. Thank you! 😀

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