I am Twenty Years Young

I say goodbye to my teenage years and embrace my adulthood. Happy birthday to me!


For as long as I can remember, I have always been childish. It has been my nature. I’ve been into trouble a lot of times because of it. But it is also because of my nature that I find the right way to solve problems and receive good treatment. Now that I’m twenty years old, I want to start getting the grasp of maturity.


It may be hard, and I’m gonna make mistakes for sure, but life didn’t come with instructions. And for that reason, I have to learn from my own mistakes.


No pain. No gain.


I don’t have to erase my childishness and replace it with this maturity thing I want to start. People have heard it from everywhere: I’ll always be a kid in heart. Always have. Always will. I just have to balance both, and let out my nature in the right place and time.


As for my birthday, all I wanted was it to be spent like a normal day. And it was. Tweeting, watching t.v., playing with my little sister and cousins, taking pictures, and enjoying every moment. The only difference was that I got flooded by lots of birthday greetings from my various social networks. My Facebook account got the most. My wall was full of happy birthdays from my friends (and people I don’t know but somehow are my friends). That made me super happy. But what made my day was Mom’s greeting. She was the very first person to greet me when I opened my eyes. I love you, Mom! ❤


The rest of the day, I kept receiving greetings from my little sister and cousins for, like, a million times. They never got tired of greeting me. That added to my overall happiness. Oh how I love my family. They are so irreplaceable. I don’t know what I’ll do without them.


Now this is the part where I conclude my blog etcetera etcetera. But since I’m not good at doing that, I’ll just end it with a picture of me eating Reese’s Ice Cream. Say ahh.




P.S.: I also want to thank my aunts and uncles for their birthday gifts in the form of cash. I could always count on them to be practical. But most of all, I thank God for giving me another year to spend. 🙂


2 thoughts on “I am Twenty Years Young

  1. Happy Birthday. You have so much ahead of you. Embrace the gift of youth and all its possibilties. Pursue your dreams and cherish the people who loves you. One of the best gifts we can have is the gift of friends and family. Best wishes.

    1. Thank you so much! Oh I will embrace it. My dreams are a bit high, but I WILL achieve it, a little at a time. I am already so gifted, having my family and friends by my side. Thanks again!

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