Carnival Time!

My hometown (Tacloban City) celebrates its annual fiesta on the last day of June. That’s tomorrow. In the spirit of fiesta, parades were held, a small carnival was built, temporary mini stores were opened, and population increased. This is how it’s always been for as long as I can remember.


Yesterday, I got myself a new henna tattoo from one of the mini stores. It’s a Cursed Seal of Heaven from the anime Naruto/Naruto Shippuuden. The tattoo artist happened to be a Naruto fan, so we kinda talked about the show and the design I was getting. I first saw it on Sasuke eons ago. It looked absolutely cool, so I got one myself. I even took photos of it and posted it on Instagram. I got a similar one 3 years ago. I was with my ex-girlfriend and her classmate then. I was so psyched that time that I couldn’t wait until my friends saw it. And that was the problem. I put on my white shirt too soon. I only found out that it was smudged when I got home and showered. My white shirt was smeared with the black stuff from my henna tattoo. As a result, my supposedly Cursed Seal of Heaven turned into a mess and my grimy shirt was never again worn. Lesson learned.

When evening came, my little sister Trixia and I went to the carnival and joined with Trixia’s classmates. They rode a lot of rides: Horror Train, Ferris Wheel, bump cars, and even revolving swans. I was hardly able to keep track. But there were two attractions I would like to note. First, the Octopus Ride. It’s similar to its name in that the tentacles revolve while little seats attached to it kept rotating. I rode it before way back when I was a kid. I was freaked out at how incredible its speed was, not to mention the sudden ups and downs while rotating and revolving at the same time. Being an acrophobic, I stood no chance against it. But I managed to stand straight afterwards that time. It was an achievement.


Second, the ever popular Ferris Wheel. Trixia and her classmate Chelsea got to ride it three times with only one ticket’s worth. Talk about lucky. This is probably the second most feared ride by acrophobics. It’s always the tallest ride here in our place. But Trixia and Chelsea handled it well. They even insisted for another go at it. I envy their lack of fear of heights. One thing I noticed, the ride was twice as fast as the last time I rode it. Trixia even asked, “Was it me or was the ride faster than before?” I just couldn’t agree more.


For our very late dinner, we dined at a place called Canto Fresco, which is the first thing people see when exiting the carnival. Strategic location. They offered pizzas. We ordered a Bacon and Mushrooms Pizza. While waiting, I tried to connect to their wiFi. One of the employees wrote down the password for convenience: Esperitucanto. I found it even more frustrating. I just couldn’t connect. Then, I tried changing the fourth letter into an “i” and voila! It worked. Their actual password is Espiritucanto. That employee needs a serious spell check. Anyways, the pizza was delicious. I loved it, and so did the others.


After eating, we went back for a few more rides. Trixia and Chelsea decided to call it a day after they chose bump cars as their last ride. They certainly had a blast! They didn’t even notice the time. It was past midnight when we exited the carnival. We walked all the way home to get a little bit of exercise before hitting the hay. The distance we covered was only minimal. Less than a kilometer. It was a great semi-workout.


The moment we got home, we changed, brushed our teeth, and slept soundly in our beds. I’m pretty sure we were smiling even after falling asleep. Zzzz…


Note: I didn’t get to bring my camera so I had no pictures of them. 


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