I LOVE Milk Tea!

Milk Tea is the way to be, nowadays. I just can’t get enough of  it. I am super duper addicted to the nth power.


Milk Tea is a concoction of tea with the addition of a small amount of milk. Additional flavors can be added to mask the herbal flavoring of tea.


A few years back, I didn’t even know it existed. With milk tea’s popularity nowadays, and the movement towards healthy living, choosing green tea over the usual commercialized coffee has become prevalent. Looking at it now, lots of franchisers utilize the high demand of milk tea in the market. Here at Tacloban City, Milk Tea places are booming. So far, I only know three: Zen TeaBubbaTeaLicious, and Nai Cha Bistro. Other places like Chowking and Zagu also offer milk tea, but not as yummy as the three aforementioned places.


Zen Tea


There are two here at our place. One is an island booth at our local Robinson’s Mall, Annex Building. The other is a small cafe at Burgos St., Tacloban City, Leyte.

This is THE PLACE to get milk tea. PERIOD. It’s my personal favorite. If I can come on a  daily basis, I certainly would. I always order an XL ChocTea which is a regular milk tea with yummy Chocolate flavor and a hefty serving of chubby black pearls. One can choose add-ons like pudding or jelly to suit one’s taste.


There’s usually only one guy assigned here to make all the teas, but is able to handle guests. The people assigned are not the friendliest and most hospitable, but somehow manages a smile to alleviate the stress. Accommodation is excellent: wiFi hotspot, well-conditioned place, excellent interior design, and great selection of music. Overall, a wonderful place. I would recommend this place not just to milk tea enthusiasts, but to other people who loves to hang-out too.




BubbaTeaLicious is also an island booth located at the second floor of Robinsons Place Tacloban, Marasbaras, Tacloban City, Leyte.

I don’t get to visit this a lot, but when I do, I go for their Chocolate Milk Tea, Go Large. It’s flavor is slightly inferior compared to Zen Tea, but good nonetheless. The black pearls are a bit smaller and little chunks of chocolate can be enjoyed while sipping. The servers are hospitable, but lacks energy.


Nai Cha Bistro


Nai Cha Bistro is located at the downtown district of Tacloban City. It is relatively new in the business, but that doesn’t mean they’ll get swept away by their competitors. Their location is very strategic, being able to acquire a place in front of Bank of the Philippines and near Gaisano Capital, another local mall. It’s also a cafe, similar to Zen Tea in size, but lacks decoration greatly. Its interior design is very plain, yet serene and calm.  A little spicing up of the place here and there wouldn’t hurt. The servers are very hospitable, though. Their faces always lighted up with a smile.


About their tea. They offer milk tea and fruit shakes. Flavors are optional, but I always add Chocolate to my regular milk tea. One can choose what to add, inclusive of the price: black pearls, nata de coco, tapioca, etc. One thing to note, they serve a whopping amount of black pearls, which I really enjoy.


Nai Cha Bistro doesn’t get much people, so if a quiet place is what you’re searching for, with full air conditioning and wiFi, this is theplace to be.


All this talk about MILK TEA is getting me thirsty. Maybe I’ll go grab one later on.


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