My Blog’s First Birthday!

Today marks my very first blog writing anniversary. I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I started.



Last year, I have given much thought about blogging, but was hesitant to actually start it. Only a few of my friends blog, so I don’t get exposed much to blogs. I even thought it was just a virtual diary. Curiosity killed the cat. And as I got even more curious, I eventually started blogging and tried to experience it firsthand. I made my very first blog post at my Cousin’s house somewhere at Virginia Beach, U.S.A. It was about Five Below, an awesome jack-of-all-trades store where my niece Ate Lean works. The store’s name says it all, everything is priced five dollars and below. The store was cool, so I wanted to share it.


After my first post, I had this indescribable urge to do more. I kept blogging, and blogging, and blogging. It was so much fun. Eventually, a year passed. Happy 1st birthday, omelchronicles!


Blogging is an art, same as any other method of self-expression.


This is the foundation of my blog. I wanted my blog to chronicle events that make their way to my life, thus, the reason for my blog’s name.


Honestly, when I started out, I didn’t expect people to stumble upon my blog. I simply created this blog to express in writing what I feel. But as I blogged, I came across numerous interesting blogs, subscribed to a few, started learning more, and somehow got my viewing stats to rise. Amazing!


Blogs are whatever we make them. Defining “Blog” is a fool’s errand.


It has been a fruitful blog writing year. To commemorate my blog’s first birthday, I’m going a trip down memory lane and read all my blogs from the very beginning. I already read a few. It made me smile and laugh altogether. Sometimes, I could hardly believe that I actually wrote a few of my posts. It’s so much fun!


Thank you all for your wonderful comments/conversation. Here’s to another year of blog writing!


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