Happy Birthday?

I was supposed to blog about this yesterday but I never found the time.


Birthdays are special once-in-a-year events. It’s important that we remember it, especially our friends’. Gifts aren’t necessities in birthdays. It’s the thought that counts. Very cliche but very true. In connection to birthdays, this blog will be about remembering and forgetting one.


Yesterday, I woke up earlier than usual to meet up with a few of my friends. We were to decide what cake flavor to buy for birthday girl Daphne. A surprise visit was in store for her.


I met up with my friends Jea, Gillian, JJ, and Kevin past the hour of eleven at the downtown district. It was nearly lunch time. We had to pick up the pace. Elena’s Bakeshop was our choice of store. Inside were a line-up of eye-catching colorful cakes which looked really yummy. I bet they were, otherwise, the bakeshop wouldn’t be selling them. We were unanimous in our decision on which flavor to get – Chocolate Cake. Daphne loves chocolate. Who doesn’t?


En route to Daphne’s house, we planned the upcoming surprise. The plan was to make the impression that only Jea was coming to visit and celebrate with Daphne. We hopped off at Paraiso, San Jose. A few meters away from Daphne’s house, a strange silence of the atmosphere was present. Were we the only visitors? Or were we too early? The only way to find out was to enter their house. When we arrived at her gate, we couldn’t help but scream “Happy Birthday!” in unison. She was more happy than surprised. She welcomed us to her abode with open arms and a warm smile. Little did we know that a twist was on its way.


First of all, the place was deserted. There were no signs of food being prepared. Fishy. Very fishy. Finally, Daphne broke the silence to inform us that it was not her birthday. Her special day is two months away. It was all part of her elaborate plan to reunite us. We hardly ever get to hang out anymore, especially after we graduated college. She just wanted the old days back. Kevin was also part of her plan. We all bursted into laughter, which resonated in the entire house. It was sweet, in a mischievous but totally fun way. Hey, at least we get to enjoy cake. Daphne’s gonna compensate for the cake. Just kidding!


The afternoon that followed consisted of lunch, cake, fun, laughter, and karaoke TOGETHER. Good times.


Lesson: Always remember birthdays. 😀


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