Yogurt Actually Tastes Good!

This is gonna be my first time live blogging, so bear with me.

Right now, I’m at Robinsons Place Tacloban, our local mall. I just bought myself a vegetable salad from Something Healthy. One thing I noticed from the choices was a strand of her mixed in with the turnips. Seriously? They’re supposed to be promoting healthy living. A strand of hair could cost them their jobs. But I need not dwell deep on that. A simple hairnet wouldn’t kill anyone. I just hope that I didn’t miss any more strands of hair.

After my salad purchase, I proceeded to Twirl Berry – a frozen yogurt place, where I’m making this blog right now. It’s my first time here, so I didn’t know what to expect. Naturally, curiosity got the best of me and I tried this place out. To be honest, I hate yogurt. I hate how it disguises itself like a tasty vanilla ice cream but tastes awful once it’s in my mouth. I know how healthy it is with those live active whatsoevers, but still.

Twirl Berry has a very nice ambiance. The chairs are shaped into these weird swirly things and come in pink and purple. The tables look clean and complement the chairs too. Songs played are nice to hear. The employees are friendly and quite talkative, in a good way. That would come handy.

The prices are okay. I ordered a fun cup with dark chocolate chips for my toppings. You know what? I liked it! The yucky taste of yogurt clashes with the sweetness of the chocolate. My taste buds found it delectable. Before I knew it, I had finished my whole cup. Yum!


I will definitely be coming back next time. Maybe order the largest one. Don’t worry. I can finish it all.

Oh and I’ll be taking my leave. I’m home bound and can’t wait to taste my veggie salad. TTFN!


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