Body Recovery

My body feels great now compared to how it was these past few days. The Barugo Adventure with my friends forced me to overuse it, resulting in unwanted muscle pain all over my body.

Those days were horrible. I wake up at around noon, sweating like a sponge being squeezed. Whenever I do a stretch, I feel pain instead of that wonderful feeling you get when stretching. Heck, I couldn’t even lift my leg when I’m seated. I felt incapacitated.

Laughter, as they say, is the best medicine. As much as it is, my belly felt otherwise. Trying to laugh was painful. I remember feeling the same way after my first gym day. NOT a good feeling.

Rants aside, I did have an awesome day at Barugo. It sufficiently makes up for all the pain. Even more, actually. The “no pain, no gain” phrase applies. Besides, like I said, my body feels great now. Luckily, recovery time was short. I’ll be sure to take more care of my body. Who knows? I might even start hitting the gym again. Not to get buff though, but to stay fit.


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