Perfect Harmony

Just be you.

Yesterday, I was finally able to watch a Nickelodeon Original Movie named Rags. I missed it on its original air date, so I had to count on the replays.

Rags is a musical gender inversion of the Cinderella story that stars Keke Palmer, Max Schneider, Drake Bell, Zak Santiago, Avan Jogia and Nick Cannon.

I missed the first few minutes of the movie, but I watched it anyways. Once I was cozy on my bed, I never moved an inch. Well, there were quick bathroom breaks. I just couldn’t keep it in. I made sure I was quick enough so as not to miss a lot of scenes.

The movie was good. Some parts felt like they were rushed. Other than that, I liked it. The cast did a wonderful job. And because it’s a musical, there were a few lines from the songs that got stuck in my head.

I follow my dreams!

I’m gonna be the next big thing!

Given all the songs, there was one that really made an impact – Perfect Harmony. To be specific, it was the piano arrangement. The first few seconds when Charlie (Max Schneider) plays it for the store owner, right before Kadee (Keke Palmer) suddenly walks in the store. It was magical. It instantly piqued my interest. While I was watching, I started searching for piano tutorials on my iTouch. I only found one, but it was a great tutorial. I set it aside and continued watching the movie.

I liked their idea of casting twins as Charlie’s step brothers. I love twins. Partly because I’m a Gemini. Who doesn’t love twins, anyway? They also had a “be yourself” theme going on. The movie being a gender-bent version of Cinderella, it was necessary.

After finishing the movie, I commenced Operation: Perfect Harmony. My mission was to try to learn to play Perfect Harmony as much as I can. I played the video repeatedly, trying to grasp the chords. I am now able to play the intro. What an achievement!


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