Making Time Fly

Yo! I’m currently here at Bo’s Coffee, the one near Liceo Del Verbo Divino. I thought of slurping some Cookies n’ Cream Freeze while I wait for my little sister. She decided to go to Badminton Republic today, along with her classmate Crystal, because they had no classes. Something about College students renting their rooms. Not entirely sure, but let’s not dwell on that.


I found a nice spot here. I got the purple sofa (the one on the left once you enter) all by myself. As I slowly sip my Freeze, I notice a half-eaten breakfast meal – a Bacon, Eggs, and Pancakes meal. I can’t help but try to guess whose it is. Not that I’m interested in eating it. Eww. Trust me, I just ate. A drink would more than suffice. I steal a glance at it from time to time as it attracts flies. Lots of flies. Lord of the Flies (Sorry for the randomness). It must be from the dude in white with a big laptop just a few meters to my left. What a waste of perfectly good bacon.


There must be something wrong with their wiFi connection today. It’s kinda slow. Comparable to a snail slow. That’s probably why I started writing this post. I’m unconsciously waiting for a better connection. Come on, wiFi. Do me a favor. It’s not everyday I visit Bo’s Coffee. Good thing this Cookies n’ Cream Freeze is so good. It slightly makes up for the connection.


I probably shouldn’t mention this, as it is so random, but there was a customer here with a dog. I dunno what breed. I’m kinda bad with breeds. It was light brown, placed on the arm of its owner, snug as a bug, awaiting it’s next adventure in the outside world. What a lucky dog. Some dogs don’t get to go out at all. [Insert Loki – my cousin’s dog – and his life here]


Imma check the wiFi connection again right now. I’ll be taking my leave. Bo’s Coffee’s wiFi, please don’t fail me. Or else, I might end up making another post. Fingers crossed!


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