A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.



Earlier this morning, I received an email about my internship. Me and my friends applied for a 12-month Food and Beverage Internship at United Towers (bound for the U.S.) around the last week of May. We already knew, beforehand, that it would take 5 months or more. I was ready to wait. Luckily, Sir Arvy – a friend of ours who works for U.T. – is handling our internship. He seeks to help us by prioritizing us over other applicants. Thanks, Sir Arvy!


We met Sir Arvy last year, when I, together with twelve of my schoolmates, participated in a Student Cultural Exchange and Travel Program for our On-the-Job Training (part of our curriculum). It was hosted by Dream Search International Inc – a sister company of United Towers. Coincidentally, Sir Arvy also works for United Towers. Developing linkages can be so important.


The email I received was about our preferences. A list was attached, providing us with substantial information of various hotels, resorts, restaurants, diners, etc., in which we have to choose our Top 3 choices. So far, my choices are:

  • Canyon Ranch, located at Tucson, Arizona, and
  • The Gaylord Texan Hotel and Convention, located at Grapevine, Texas


The latter has quite an interesting name. As for my third choice, I have yet to decide. I’ll try to come up with my Top 3 not later than 5PM today.


I’m really pushing through with this internship. I really really want it and I will obtain it. Determination. Faith. Courage. I possess all three of those. I’m gonna do my best and strive for a better (and more successful) future.


2 thoughts on “Choices

  1. I’m happy for you. Hey, there’s a choice that says, Grapevine Texas. If you choose that, that will be cool. I have not fully explored other parts of Texas but each place have something fascinating to offer. keep me updated!

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