Once in a Blue Moon

Just minutes ago, an intensity 6 earthquake has spread a city-wide panic here at Tacloban City. It was strong enough to shake entire houses and buildings. Our house was certainly moved. Like a baby shaking a rattle. Electricity was also affected. Tacloban experienced a temporary black out. But the lights are back on now.

I was upstairs in my room, reading about tonight’s moon. A blue moon has graced the night sky tonight, giving skywatchers their last chance to observe this celestial phenomenon for nearly three years.

What is a blue moon? When a month happens to have two full moons, the second full moon is dubbed a blue moon. I’ll have to do more research about that. Apparently, it isn’t as rare of an event as most people think – a common misconception. Contrary to how it’s perceived (you know, the “once in a blue moon” thing), blue moons actually occur every 2.7 years. From what I’ve read, some years even boast two blue moons. Nevertheless, this is something that piqued my interest. I never even knew how often this occurred until today. I couldn’t just miss out. Sadly, the clouds are being selfish and have decided to cover the moon tonight, having the blue moon all to themselves. Speaking of the moon, R.I.P. Neil Armstrong. The blue moon is probably your way of spreading awareness to everyone.

After reading about the moon, that’s when the earthquake occurred. Initially, I thought it was just my little sister Trixia moving around while sleeping (it’s amazing how far my little sister can reach when asleep). When the earthquake decided to pump it up a notch, that’s when I realized that the entire house was shaking. I had my Poker Face on. I didn’t start panicking like everyone else. I kept calm. Mom instructed me to go downstairs with Trixia ASAP. I held Trixia in my arms and carried her downstairs. We regrouped and started praying. Eventually, the earthquake ceased. A big THANKS to God. Talk about once in a blue moon.

A pressing issue (for me) is the connection of the blue moon and the quick earthquake. The sudden shake was definitely unexpected. Sorry for being redundant. My little cousin even came crying to me, worried sick and still saying “Mommy.” I wonder if there’s a connection between the two events. I’m quite curious. I’m not that good in science, but maybe there’s a scientific explanation to it. I dunno. Maybe I can find something about that in my research as well.

Also, regarding the earthquake, the epicenter was at Samar, with a whopping 7.7 magnitude. With that magnitude, it could prove fatal. I know a few people there. I will be praying for their safety. For everyone’s safety. So please be safe, everyone. And, please, no more earthquakes. GOD bless everyone.


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