Delightful Dinner with a Designer

This evening, I had a dinner date with my High School classmate, friend, and designer Eloise Bercero a.k.a. Elie. She has been urging me to blog about her but I always delayed it, to the point of forgetting. I blame procrastination.


Our venue was Cafe Lucia, a little cafe near Astrodome. It’s a walking distance from both my house and her apartment. Very convenient. I wore my Slide To Unlock black t-shirt coupled with a jacket and black shorts. The temperature was a bit high, even on an evening. And the only reason I wore a jacket was because I needed the hoodie in case it rained hard. Good thing it didn’t. The weather cooperated with me for a change. It did drizzle here and there, but nothing my trusty hoodie couldn’t handle.


Elie arrived just a few minutes after I sat down. Right on time. We left our stuff on the table and decided to order. This was my third time visiting Cafe Lucia. My first and second times consisted of Carbonaras and Iced Tea. I just love their Carbonara. This time, though, I decided to order something different, for a change. Elie and I took a long time picking what we wanted. Luckily, the employees didn’t mind as they were in a deep conversation with matching gestures. One word: weird. Eventually, we stated our order:



  • A Black Forest Frappe (I think), and
  • Puttanesca


  • Bacon Sandwiches, and
  • An Oreo Smoothie

We shared our food with each other so we could get a little taste of everything. I didn’t fancy the the Puttanesca Pasta. Elie, on the other hand, loved it. Just the right mix of tuna, etc. Both of us loved the bacon sandwiches. We had to request to remove the tomatoes on my half, and place it all on Elie’s half. Why people love tomatoes, I will never understand (yet). My Oreo Smoothie hit the spot. It was sweet and yummy. It sufficed for my daily dose of sugar. Elie’s Frappe was also just as good. The caffeine was my only issue. Other than that, I wouldn’t mind ordering a Black Forest Frappe.


We took pictures in between our laughs, conversations, and eating time. I kept admiring my photos. After all, they were taken by  someone good with cameras. Vanity at its worst. My photos of Elie were bad, though. I couldn’t get the right amount of light and most of the shots were blurry. My photography skills are sloppy. I still love photography, though. We had a blast at Cafe Lucia. There was this one photo (I can’t post it as Elie wanted it removed) where Elie had this cherry on her lips, and her eyes were just wrong. We bursted into very loud laughter. I could still remember it until now.


We decided to call it a day at around seven. Elie wanted a copy of the photos, so we went to her apartment. It was my first time there. When I got in, the dogs started barking non-stop until I was nowhere to be seen. What a loud bunch.


After Elie copied the photos, I started browsing each one. The photos reflected our time together. Except for the blurry ones which was mostly mine. It was fun and very short-lived. I left after bidding goodbye. She wished me a safe trip and I thanked her. Not just for the wish, but for the time. Until next time.


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