Last night, my little cousin named Karlo asked if Trixia (my little sister) and I could sleep over at his place because his parents were out of town. I said yes since the wiFi connection is much better at their place. Trixia didn’t mind sleeping over as well.

Karlo fell asleep almost instantly. He snored very loudly. At times, he would get up, say something, and fall back to sleep. Very peculiar. And funny, if you ask me. Trixia, on the other hand, was snug as a bug in a rug. She hardly ever moved. She was all cuddled up, hugging my pillow as she drifted away to dreamland.

I usually sleep past midnight, so I surfed the net with Trixia’s Netbook. I always tell myself to sleep early for a change, but it never happens. I sleep very late, and regret doing so in the morning. Somehow, I repeat the cycle over and over again. Last night was not an exception. I tried catching up with the new episodes of Fairy Tail. I am now behind by only a couple of episodes. I decided to call it a day after watching three episodes and realizing it was almost midnight. I kept the Netbook inside my old laptop bag and went home to put it in my room. After placing it, I slowly made my way downstairs as I didn’t want to wake up my Mom. I thought of wishing Cocoa (Trixia’s pet rabbit) a good night before heading back. I gave her a light pat on the head. I noticed that her eyes were slightly open, an indication that she was awake. What was strange was that she always reacts whenever touched, be it a whisker move or a head shake. That time, she was completely still. A few minutes later, I realized that she was already dead. No movement. No reaction. No breathing. No more life.

I woke up Mom up to let her know Cocoa’s status. Mom’s stricken face made me sad. And knowing that Cocoa was no more made me even sadder. I wished Mom a good night and went back to Karlo’s room. I couldn’t believe Cocoa was gone. She didn’t even make it to her birthday on January, which was only four months away. Cocoa is considered a part of the family. She has been for almost 8 months.  Her life was too short.

Rest in peace, Cocoa. You will be dearly missed. 😦


Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.


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