Destination: The City of Seven Lakes

Yesterday, we had a long journey from Tacloban City (our hometown) all the way here to San Pablo City, Laguna, to prepare for my grandmother’s (Dad’s mother) 85th birthday. Most of my relatives wanted to visit and celebrate it with everyone. Some even flew from a different country just to come celebrate. That’s how much we love my grandmother, or Nanay, as we like to call her.

Our airline of choice was ZestAir. Mom, Trixia, and I arrived at around 1PM, more than an hour before our flight. We were too early. Luckily, they let us board earlier. Before we boarded, we encountered Tito Tony (mom’s sister’s husband). He was also on his way to Manila, but his flight was with Cebu Pacific Airlines. Our flight was on time, and so we left for Manila.


We arrived at Ninoy Aquino International Airport at around four in the afternoon. No luggages for us. We traveled light. Before leaving, we had to visit the restroom quick. Mom had to comb her hair and stuff. I had to go. Trixia waited outside. After that, we got out and hailed a taxi. Our destination was JAC Liner Terminal, where the buses would take us to San Pablo City.


The bus ride was way too long. Emphasis on the word “long.” It took around two hours. Thankfully, it wasn’t that excruciating as the bus had free wiFi, something our buses back home doesn’t have. The last time I rode a bus with wiFi was probably eons ago. I don’t even remember anymore. I enjoyed surfing the net on the go, even though I borrowed my cousin’s portable wiFi. I promised him a souvenir when I got home for letting me borrow. Trust me, he hardly ever let’s anyone borrow his stuff. Especially new ones like a portable wiFi and gadgets.


By the time we arrived at San Pablo, the sun had already set. It was nighttime. The air was humid and traffic was everywhere. We hopped off at San Pablo’s Medical Center. Somewhere near a junction or something. Tito Anjie (my father’s sister’s husband) saw us immediately and drove us to their home. Finally.


Everybody hugged everybody. We did a little catching up too. We all greeted Nanay a huge happy birthday in unison. Nanay kept bombarding me with questions, mostly the same ones rephrased. I didn’t mind. I liked answering Nanay. She kept reiterating that I must have had lots of girls falling for me back home. I kept laughing inside my head. It was the exact opposite. I had no time for girls as I’m focusing on my career. Family first before girls, marriage, and other very distracting stuff.


Before we slept, we were showered with rainbow-breathing dragons lots of souvenirs from Tita Ester (my father’s sister). There was a whole huge bag worth. T-shirts, jeans, bags, shoes, etc. The best would have to be the chocolates. There were just as many as the others. My sweet tooth kinda urged me to indulge. I tried resisting, but ultimately, resistance was futile. I made sure to brush my teeth afterwards. At around 10PM, the house was completely silent. Only the sound of the electric fan could be heard. I wasn’t sleepy yet, but I eventually fell asleep. Dozing off and entering dreamland never felt so great.


Note: San Pablo City is also called The City of Seven Lakes.


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