Nanay’s 85th Birthday Celebration!

Weekends have never been so fun.


Last Saturday, my family and I, together with my relatives from the country and beyond, reunited with each other under one roof – Malijan Residence, Joel Town Subdivision, San Pablo City, Laguna. (That was longer than I thought) Our purpose was celebrating Nanay’s 85th birthday, which was on Friday. The morning was spent preparing, with a little roaming around SM San Pablo, one of their local malls.



SM San Pablo is quite near from where we stayed at. Very convenient for us. The mall was very clean and slightly bigger/larger than our local mall. We came in a large group, so we had to split to be able to look around freely. Our group was composed of me, Trixia, and Mom. Roaming around with just the three of us felt like a regular family day. We went to various places in the mall. Mentioning each one would be too much. There was this one store – Cellboy – that had an interesting name. Like a parody of the famous Hellboy. They sold cellphones, gadgets, and accessories. I got myself two new iPod Touch cases: a white Lacoste Tee design and a black Paul Frank. Trixia and Mom were at World of Fun while I was browsing at Cellboy. Trixia won herself a keychain, if my memory serves me right. I got to try Milk Tea from Tea-rrific, which was quite disappointing. I should’ve tried another flavor. Trixia and I also got to spend quality time with each other, with Mom joining two of my relatives, forming a separate group. We bought ice cream, did a little role-playing, and circled the entire mall. Our time at the mall was so short-lived. Eventually, we got home with the rest.


The afternoon was spent preparing for Nanay’s celebration. We readied the food, tables, silverware, and ourselves. Cameras were also set to the right settings for quick captures. I was tasked to handle my aunt’s DSLR. I wasn’t too comfortable with it. Too bulky. That’s why I love digicams. Compact and very handy.



The rest of the afternoon until late in the evening was spent with glee. Everyone felt festive. Happiness resonated in the entire house. Smiles. Laughter. Hugs and kisses. And food. It was a moment of pure fun. I didn’t have the liberty to fiddle around with Aunt’s DSLR, thanks to Trixia hogging the camera. I still got a handful of photos, though. Did I mention Nanay’s cake was white and gold? Because it was.


We concluded the day with one last picture with a hint of wackiness.



2 thoughts on “Nanay’s 85th Birthday Celebration!

  1. Belated Happy Birthday to your Nanay. I hope and pray for her happiness, peace and great health. She is lucky to be surrounded by a family who loves her and enjoys sharing her legacy to the world. You have a wonderful family, a similar family that I miss since I left the Philippines. Thanks.

    1. Thank you. I will be sure to relay the message. You, too, have a wonderful family and is also equally blessed. I hope you get more time to be with your family here in the Philippines when you get the chance.

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