Dinner Treat

Earlier this day, around 4PM, I received a text from Joy, my friend from high school. Her text was a bit long, but the point was to encourage me to go to Robinsons Place Tacloban. I was on my way there, so her timing was impeccable.


I arrived at the mall at half past the hour of four. I went straight to Tom’s World because I felt like playing in the arcade. Joy’s text indicated that she was on her way. “I’ll be there in ten minutes.” My inner rock star urged me to play Guitar Freaks to kill time. I loved the feeling of being totally focused in playing. The notes and my heartbeats synchronized, creating a harmonious melody that only I can appreciate. I really love that feeling.


Joy arrived a few minutes later. We did a lot of catching up at the Food Court. She spotted a few familiar faces, pointing them out. I didn’t know any of them. She told me that Lorie Fiel and Hannah, also my friends from high school, were on their way. I knew from then that it was gonna be another dinner with high school friends. Steven arrived before Lorie Fiel and Hannah. He was still as thin as ever, completing our table of thin people. We really need to pump up our food intake.


When Lorie Fiel and Hannah arrived, we did some more catching up. Steven kept cracking jokes. I swear, we were laughing non-stop. We proceeded to Shakey’s (same as last time) and sat comfortably. We were unsure what to order as we didn’t do a head count and we didn’t know if the others were coming or not. I urged Lorie Fiel to order the Deal 3 (good for 6-8). The others agreed. And so, we ordered and patiently waited for the others.


One by one, our friends started to arrive. Kryz, Erika, Eloise, then lastly, Karlo. We had already started eating before Karlo arrived. There was little food left, but he didn’t mind. We took pictures, cracked even more jokes, and made fun of Karlo. Nothing personal, though. All faces were lighted up with very warm smiles, and if I wasn’t laughing non-stop, it would’ve made a picture perfect moment. I wanted to capture it so bad, but I was still thankful. I get to have more memories that will always be embedded in my memory.


Hannah, Steven, Kryz, and Eloise
Erika, Joy, Me, and Lorie Fiel
The whole gang. All 9 of us.
I have no idea why we all looked at the same direction.

P.S. The dinner was Lorie Fiel’s treat. A huge thanks to him. THANK YOU, Lorie Fiel!


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