One of my cousins, Gisella, has been meaning to borrow my The Perks of Being a Wallflower book for almost two weeks now. She’s really busy with school, especially because she’ll be graduating next March. That’s only a few months away now, which is why I’ve decided that instead of letting my book collect dust at home, I’d bring it to her. And so I did.


This afternoon, I placed my book in a red plastic bag, and bundled it with a few chocolates from our fridge. Gisella loves chocolates. And when she visits, she would often ask for some. When everything was ready, including me, I set forth. Destination: Gisella’s House, somewhere at Paraiso. I don’t know the exact name of the address, but I know where it is. I’ve been there countless times.


I rode a green Manlurip multicab on the way there. And as we were making a 180 degree turn at a junction, I noticed a large gathering of people on the road leading to our local mall. Cars and motorcycles were parked nearby. An ambulance was also present. An accident is what I deduced. But a nearby passenger thought otherwise. She claimed that it was deliberate. Like one of those scenes in the movies where people would hire assassins or a hitman to do their dirty work for them. And as rare as something like that happens here at our place, it isn’t entirely impossible. When the crime scene started fading away in the distance, I got a little chill down the spine and my hair stood up. I didn’t get to see any blood or victims, but it was still equally creepy.


Here’s a snapshot:


Sorry for the quality as it was taken only from my iPod Touch 4th Gen in a moving vehicle.


I reached Gisella’s house a few minutes after. I did a lot of screaming, but no one seemed to hear. Their TV was on, so I was positive that there was someone there. Eventually, I went inside their gate uninvited and knocked on their door. I was lucky to be answered immediately. Maybe my knocking was too loud. I handed the book to their house helper Erika, if I remember his name correctly. I gave my thanks and off I went. I hope she gets to start reading the book today and like it.


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