Dreams are supposed to reflect one’s desires or something, right? Well, I just had one earlier. Thinking about it now, I don’t think it’s something I really need. Let me share it.

I found myself in an unknown area, together with a girl I have never seen before. Her physical features are a bit blur now, but I knew she was beautiful. Stunning, even. Apparently, we were having a conversation that made us smile at each other. The spaces between my fingers were right where hers fit perfectly. She was my girlfriend. At least in my dream, she was. We were so happy with each other’s company. Like one of those dates one sees in movies.

The setting was somewhat like a college dorm. Her dorm. We were college students. But not like in my country where one can enroll as early as 15 years old. I knew I was older, and yet I was a sophomore or something. Our time together was short. For some reason, I had to go back to my dorm a few blocks away.

My dream ended in a scene where I had a younger boy as a roomie. I was the type where I kept asking him advice. He probably had lesser experience. And he was getting annoyed. Nothing serious, though. He probably got used to it. END~

Right now, I’m focused on building my career and getting more job experience. I can settle for relationships later on in my life. I applied for a 12-month internship. Speaking of my internship, I got an email that I passed my second job offer. The first is 6 months. This second one is also another 6 months, completing my 12 months. Thank you so much, God!

Before I forget, and get off-track again, there’s another thing I wanted to share. After having that dream, I woke up. The wind outside was strong. What was weird was that when I unconsciously checked the clock, it was 3 o’clock sharp. I’ve read in some magazines that waking up in the middle of a sleep means that someone is watching you. Creepy. I wonder if it’s really true. Is it?


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