I Miss Section 3!

Ever since I graduated, I haven’t hung out with any of my Section 3 classmates. It’s ironic how most of us live in the same city, yet we hardly ever see one another. Majority have the same reason: WORK. Yes, most of my classmates already have jobs. Sad to say, I still don’t have one yet but I am working on it (wrong choice of words, I know).

My classmates have varying day-offs. One has Thursdays off while another has Saturdays off. The list goes on. It’s hard setting dates for that very reason. And day after day, we were stuck with that dilemma with no apparent solution. Sigh.

On the plus side, during my occasional trips to the downtown area of our city, I bump into some of them from time to time. We get to chill for a couple of minutes. Time seems so fast during those times. And when it’s time to part, we wonder when the “see you next time” phrase would apply again.

My point is simple. I miss my classmates. So much. At times like this, flashbacks keep slapping my face. There was this one time, during our Intro to HRM class, my classmate cried. I forgot why, but he cried a river. My teacher cracked jokes to ease his weariness. Her jokes were about pronunciations. We had classmates from various places. Some would pronounce a few words too hard or too soft, and it would be the source of jokes. We would burst into laughter that lasted for a while. My teacher made it a point to not cross the line and be offensive. She always made sure that my classmates took it positively. And they did. I was a freshman then. Young and fresh. Very fresh.

Speaking of jokes, we had this College Algebra teacher who is so funny even when she doesn’t even try. I never liked Math. Most of us felt the same way. What we thought was gonna be a gruesome subject turned out to be one of the most enjoyable. Who knew math could be so fun? Nerd alert. She could brighten up the room with little effort exerted. Her jokes were that funny. As a result, I got a 1.8 final rating. School was definitely cool at that time.

My reminiscing could go on forever so I’ll put a halt to it right now. My memories are embedded in my head for a reason. To cherish them. And that’s exactly what my plan is. I just hope that some kind of holiday or special day pops up this month and frees my friends from their work. A day is all I need. I hope that’s not asking for much.

P.S. I took the photos this afternoon. I was surprised how much the cute little orange kitty cooperated. Well, my instructions were clear. “Kitty, pose and look at the camera. Thanks!”


One thought on “I Miss Section 3!

  1. I totally get this. I have long time friends living in the same city as I am and they’re already working. We all met after 10 years. Some of us tried to keep in touch, but their work schedules prevent us from meeting up. We all wondered when will be the next time we’ll all be able to hang out but that remains a mystery. I really love your blog. It’s so fun to read. 🙂

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