Catching Up


I had to wake up early today to deliver documents in my aunt’s stead. Place: Office of The Solicitor’s General. I have to admit, it sounded cool. It still does.

I traveled from Parañaque all the way to Makati. I was accompanied by my friend JJ. Initially, I planned to ride a taxi for the whole trip, but the driver insisted that they were coding, whatever that meant. It wasn’t all bad though. He was very friendly and a resident of Cebu. He didn’t speak Bisaya and exhibited a mastery of Tagalog, accent and all. I guess spending years here in Manila has its benefits. His wife is from Calubian, by the way. Before we hopped off, he pointed us as to which bus we should take. We rode a big red one.

The bus ride took at least half an hour. The roads were very congested (which is a common thing here). The driver was kind enough to drop us at our stop.

Makati was beautiful. Even though huge buildings dominated the area, green foliage scattered everywhere. There were less cars, less pollution, and less traffic. Streets were clean and garbage was kept at a minimum. It wouldn’t be so bad living there.

We headed straight to The Office of The Solicitor’s General after asking for directions. I presented the documents and was instructed to wait for 15 days for it. I informed my aunt and she told me it was okay. Oh! And she thanked me as well.

Greenbelt was our next destination. JJ needed to visit Western Union and I needed to find a Milk Tea shop. We got what we came for except that I wasn’t able to buy milk tea (at Happy Lemon) as it slipped my mind. I was determined to find another one (and actually buy milk tea) before the day ended.


JJ and I had an appointment at United Towers in Pasig for our internship. We were to come by after lunch time today. We made it sure to arrive before 1PM. It wasn’t anything formal. Just a few pointers and coaching in preparation for our interview.

The people there are fun to be with. They have the right mix of humor and seriousness. As expected from professionals. They scored us based on our answers and I got high grades. Yay me! A definitive confidence booster. By the way, at United Towers, I got to meet Red. She also participated in the same Summer Work and Travel Program that I did. We did a little catching up before parting.

We spent the rest of the afternoon with our good friend Kevin. He missed hanging out with us. The feeling was mutual. We went inside the nearby Shangri-la Hotel and snuck a peak at its majestic interior matched by an equally grand exterior. We left quickly as we had no business there anyway.

Next, we entered SM Megamall from the Hypermarket. The three of us wasted no time and tried to catch up with each other’s lives. We bought brownies, played at TimeZone, and had milk tea at Chatime. Finally, quality milk tea. It was my first time there. Same with JJ. Chatime has this sorta unique way of service. They give out black disks (kinda like a huge ice hockey puck) that light up and vibrate when our order is up. Kevin brought up how Chatime was a great place and that I would love it. Guess what? He was right! Their milk tea was superb! A second visit is at hand.




Thanks for the time, Kevin and JJ! It was so much fun hanging out with you guys! Till next time.


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