Live Boxing

Last night, my cousin Popo took me, his girlfriend Stephanie, and JJ to a boxing gym to witness a few matches. The gym is called Elorde’s Boxing Gym. I think I’ve heard of a boxer with that surname. I’m not entirely sure.

The gym had a huge Cobra Energy Drink Bottle balloon situated near the entrance. It was hard to miss it. Popo bought the tickets. We went upstairs and found a room full of people cheering on a boxing match. It was my first time watching one live. I seldom watched Pacquiao’s matches on TV, but I never try to see it to the end.

Chairs were situated on each side of the boxing ring. Cameramen were also present for recording purposes. The ring was divided into two: the red corner and the blue corner (I think that’s standard). The judges with red tees sat on the left side of where we were seated. Their table had the gold trophies. The rest of the three sides had people wearing blue tees writing down stuff while the matches ensued, handing it to the referee every time a round finished. Probably the basis for the judges’ scores.

We didn’t get to to watch it from the start, but we were able to witness good fights. The matches were categorized by the number of rounds. There were four-round matches, six-rounds, eight-rounds, and the main event. I dunno if there were two-round matches earlier. Probably not.

Four-Round Matches

These were the first few matches we got to see upon arrival. I wasn’t really paying attention at this moment as I was trying to absorb everything: the cheers, the terms, the people, and the fact that I was actually there for the first time.

Six-Round Matches

The second to the last six-round match was when the crowd cheered the most. Well, mostly fan girls. The guy in the red corner must have been really famous to receive that kind of welcoming to the stage. The guy in the blue corner had much less cheers.

The last six-round match was the longest. The two boxers actually made good of their six rounds. Eventually, one was announced the winner and got a really shiny gold trophy.

Eight-Round Matches

This is when things started to get serious. There were only two matches.

The first match started with an intense exchange of punches. Both wasted no time. The crowd cheered and kept uttering boxing terms terms like “straight” or “uppercut“. At the second round, with only 1 minute and 1 second in to the match, the guy in the red corner delivered a powerful blow resulting in a technical knockout win for him. Red wins.

The second match was slightly less entertaining. The guy in the blue corner clearly had a much bigger build but proved to be quite slow. He had very low endurance, as seen in the third round when he was almost on his knees. He hardly landed a punch. The guy in the red corner was a sure win. After five or six rounds (I tried asking Popo and the others, but for some reason no one remembered the exact number of rounds), the match was concluded and red won.

Main Event

This was supposed to be the main course of a meal, but passed as somewhat like an appetizer. The match was between red corner Taconing (Philippines) and blue corner guy from Thailand whose name I couldn’t remember. Taconing had a nice build. On the other hand, the Thai boxer was a bit skinny. The crowd kept mentioning how his ribs would break and stuff. Too bad for him.

The match was a clear win. Taconing landed punch after punch. The Thai guy could hardly fight back and was on his knees early in the fight. After four or five rounds, Taconing was announced the winner and his opponent sat at the corner nearly passing out. Good match. Could have been better, though.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed watching for the first time. It was a fun experience witnessing little matches that would soon be known worldwide.


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