Hello, Florida!

My tummy has been making weird noises for the past few minutes. But that’s not exactly what I wanted to share. Basically, I have arrived here at Hobe Sound, Florida safe and sound after a VERY LONG flight from the Philippines. I’d say it was less than 20 hours.

I flew with Delta Air. I must admit, the name sounds cool. I had two stopovers: Tokyo and Georgia.


Ever since I started watching anime, I’ve always wondered how it would be like living in Japan. Though I didn’t get to experience living there, being able to set foot at Tokyo, Japan was a great experience. It’s not everyday you get to fly to another country. And even though I was only able to walk around the airport’s premises, I was still able to meet actual Japanese. I even had a short (and somewhat confusing) conversation with one. Funny how my vocabulary and sentences were quite limited even though I had Basic and Advanced Japanese classes. It was harder because he couldn’t speak English very well. We had to cut the talk as he was an airport staff and needed to do his work. I left Tokyo after around two hours upon arrival.

The flight from Tokyo to Georgia was the longest, lasting for more than 12 hours. Meals were served at specific intervals.To help kill time, we had advanced touch-screen digital entertainment systems in front of our seats. We could watch movies, listen to music, play games, and keep track of our flight from it. I could have watched a couple of movies if I wanted to, but I only chose one: This Means War. I loved it. Kept me entertained. I only saw one because I wanted to sleep for the rest of the flight. One problem: the lady sitting behind me poked the screen like there was no tomorrow. I asked her in a nice manner to try to tone it down. She did, actually. But for some reason, her urge to play poker was so strong and unwavering. Nothing could stop her. She was a fellow Filipino. It’s hard getting angry with kababayans (fellow Filipinos). I didn’t get any sleep, but I probably wouldn’t be able to anyway considering how excited I was. I hopped off at Atlanta, Georgia for my last flight to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The last flight was the most comfortable. It felt like a Tacloban to Manila flight minus a lot of people. It was then that I was able to sleep soundly. The plane had wiFi but prompted passengers to pay for it. Not worth it. I arrived at the Fort Lauderdale Airport, Florida with overwhelming enthusiasm. I simply couldn’t contain it. People probably noticed as I got a stare or two. No biggie. I met Mo from Diamond Transfer Services on my way to claim my baggage. He was very kind. He was scheduled to pick me up that time by the company. We drove all the way to my dorm here in Hobe Sound which took around two hours. I fell asleep at the back but Mo didn’t mind. He wanted me to get as much rest as I could. I thanked him for driving me all the way here even if it was his job. He showed me where my room was. Room 411. After parting, I hugged my bed and everything faded into nothingness.


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