First Day of Work

I just started my very first day of work today. Ain’t that exciting? It was, for me.


I arrived here at Hobe Sound, Florida, U.S.A. four days ago. I was oriented the day after my arrival. The orientation went on about the rules, policies, dorms, etc. Basically, it was an intro. It took around less than two hours. A handbook was given to each of us for a more in-depth explanation. I got my schedule the day after.

I was given three shifts to start with. Two of which I’ll be working with my friend JJ for support. Today, my shift started at 10:30 AM. JJ and I were assigned at the Golf House or “GH“, as they like to call it. We arrived a few minutes earlier. It was exciting to finally wear my uniform.


For the duration of my shift, I was with Paula, a regular. Paula was the go-to girl for the newbies such as myself. She showed me the ropes and basically taught me everything she knew. She exhibited finesse in demonstrating the basics and even threw in her own style. Her advice were vital in my learning. I noticed that she seemed a little bit tired afterwards, but was still able to flash a few smiles now and then. Paula was an exemplary teacher. I was lucky to have learned from her.

My shift was kinda slow. One moment, I checked the clock and it was 1:30PM. After an hour in my sense of time, it was 1:35PM. And that’s not just because majority of our guests were elders. We only had a few customers. Since I was assigned with Paula, we shared the same station. Only two of our tables were occupied. Even so, I was still able to do a hands-on application of what I’ve learned. I got to serve drinks I got from the bar. I got to clear the dishes. I also got to try doing their chit by the computer. The menu was a wide variety of salads, sanwiches, sides, desserts, and drinks. Looking at the computer and pressing the specific orders was kinda confusing, but totally doable. Just takes some gettin’ used to.

The Golf House closes at 2:30PM. At around 2 o’clock, only one table was left. We started clearing out and prepping the other tables for tomorrow. After thirty minutes, we asked permission from Juan, who was the Captain Waiter, if my memory serves me right. Everyone thanked each other. A chain reaction of gratitude commenced. People here are so nice. I clocked out when I got out and headed to my room. I wish I could say I was tired, but I just wasn’t. Not that I’m complaining. I’m actually thankful. I didn’t want a busy day on my first shift.

Tomorrow, I work at the Main Club. I wonder if it will be busier there. I’ll just have to wait and see.


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