Main Club’s Breakfast Buffet

Second day of work. Again, not that busy. But busier compared to yesterday.

Today, I was assigned at the Main Club with JJ. I had a morning shift – 6:30AM. Surprisingly, I was able to wake up at around 5AM without the help of my alarm. I must be going psychic or something. These past few days, I’ve been waking up before my alarm goes off, giving me ample time to turn it off and prepare. I take this as a good thing.

We had a breakfast buffet sort of thing today. Unlike regular buffets where all the food is outside waiting to get picked up, the food today was served in a restaurant style. They ordered from the menu given to them, we input it on the computer, waited for the kitchen to prepare it, and served it when it was ready. Admittedly, it’s a different style, not like the ones I’m used to. But opening myself to various styles is integral in the learning process. Exposure multiplies the experience.

Before the start of my shift, Tim (I forgot his position) briefed me and JJ with the menu. We even did a little role-playing wherein he was the guest, JJ was the waiter, and I was an innocent bystander who happened to pass by and stopped to look at what they were doing. Tim is very nice and accommodating.

For today, my trainer was Garth. Garth is popularly known as “Mr. Bean.” Although the resemblance is uncanny, I have a great degree of respect for him. He taught me everything he knew, same with Paula yesterday. He gave me useful tips and showed me around for familiarization. We weren’t busy today, so having an extra newbie as his tail wasn’t much of a bother.

For my first test, which didn’t really feel like a test, Garth instructed me to take the order of a nice couple by the window side. Oh wait, there weren’t any windows. But there was a huge Christmas wreath just beside their table. We’ll treat that as a window. As I was saying, I took the order of the couple by the window ( Xmas wreath) side. I made sure to include every essential detail about the food as almost each item in the menu needed attention to detail. For example, the eggs. Guests can just order eggs, but I have to know how they would like their eggs done and stuff like that.

For my second test, I had to input the order on the computer. It took me time but eventually, I was able to input everything correctly. I just had to wait for the kitchen to prep it, except for the toast. We always prepare the toast. Garth also showed me how. They have different kinds of bread, so it’s also important I get the right one.

For my third test, I served their food. Usually, there are people assigned to bring the big oblong trays from the kitchen to the dining room. But for this time, Garth assigned me to do it. If everyone is busy, one can’t just stand and wait. Teamwork is a key factor in success. I brought the tray without making it wobble, luckily. There wasn’t much on it anyways. They ordered the same thing, except one wanted a different kind of cheese than the other. I didn’t pay attention to who got which. I had to ask them, which was highly unethical. A huge mistake on my part. The regulars assured me that it was okay, though. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone has those days. Everybody knows- oh wait, that’s a Hannah Montana song. If there is something I am unsure of, all I need to do is ask. A very important piece of advice.

We had to break down the tables before clocking out, meaning, we had to place a few tables and chairs on a separate room which they’ll probably have to undo later on. We finished at around 11AM, lunch time. Perfect timing. I made sure to thank everyone for their invaluable support and advice, especially Garth who may or may not look like Mr. Bean.

A productive day yet again. Next week, I’ll be getting double shifts. Bring on the work load!


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