A Post-Christmas Party Adventure

Last night, Jupiter Island Club held its annual Christmas Party at Hobe Sound Beach Club at around 4PM. I was so thankful that I made it here in Florida a few days before the event. It would have been sad if I missed the party.

I went with JJ, my new Filipino friend Brenda, and my two new Thai friends Dream and Nam. It took the girls a while to prepare. No biggie. By 4:50PM, we were all ready and made our way to the Beach Club.

The attire for the night was Business Casual. Luckily, I had my checkered long sleeves with me in my baggage. Other than that, I had nothing fit for the category. Brenda wore leopard skin long sleeves and a black skirt. She wore the exact same outfit on her Embassy Interview. Dream and Nam wore dresses that they borrowed from Brenda. JJ wore a checkered hoodie and a gray coat. We were all set to go.


The party had already started when we got there. At the entrance, they gave each of us a raffle ticket and a green envelope with our name on it. I presumed it was money. Too obvious. Then we were off to find a vacant table.

As we searched, we found out that all the tables were occupied by groups. We had to sit with other people and their guests. It was okay, though. We met new people on that table. They were an interesting bunch. Our table was directly in front of the stage. We had a nice view. Well, all except me. My back was facing to the stage. I had to twist my body and chair to see. I didn’t mind.

They started calling out raffle ticket numbers a few minutes after we were seated. JJ’s number was called. He was so lucky. He won a $15 gift card for subway. Not a bad deal. When they were raffling out the tickets, I noticed the giant Samsung flat screen TV on top of a table. It was the main prize. I really aimed for that TV. I didn’t lose hope until the last number was called. I didn’t get the TV, or anything, for that matter. Lady luck just wasn’t on my side. Oh and before the main prize, they also gave away an iPad 2. They were really generous. I love that about them.


After the raffle, they called people to the stage to sing. JJ and Brenda sung Holy Night in a quintet along with Tim and a girl. They were all smiling throughout the song. JJ also sung a solo of Adele’s Set Fire To The Rain (did I get the title right?). JJ sung from the top of his lungs and it was the highlight of the entire night. As JJ sang, people started getting up and came closer to the stage. It was a full house and almost everyone was standing, showing their support for him. Cameras flashed non-stop. JJ became an instant celebrity. Good for him. He has a very nice voice and sings almost everyday. He gets a lot of practice.

The party ended at around 6PM, which was very early, in my opinion. They should have extended it a little bit. At least they gave time for people to enjoy the dancefloor. There were a lot of interesting dances out there. And the dancers really enjoyed themselves. Each table had a centerpiece that we had to bring outside to. I got our table’s.

Ms. Pat, a Front Office Staff, invited us to decorate her house. She sent the invitation a few hours before the party. JJ and the rest seemed to know her, so I was the only one who didn’t. I got to introduce myself, eventually. And I have already seen her more than once. I just didn’t know her name. The five of us got into her car along with Chris from the HR Department. It was pouring outside. There were scattered thunderstorms according to my weather app. Just knowing didn’t exactly minimize it, but we managed.

We drove straight to Jupiter after the party. The idea of an adventure always excites my imagination. The only problem was that we were stuck inside the car due to the weather. We visited this place where each house were decorated with lots of christmas lights. It was beautiful there. A feast for the eyes.There were Santas, snowmen, and even Christmas lights that were designed to look as if the outlines were moving. We drove slowly to savor the moments. We couldn’t help Ms. Pat decorate her house, so she postponed it for the mean time. That was the reason why she drove us around to different places. It was so nice of her to go out her way and give us a tour. She even treated us to dinner at Taco Bell.


All in all, it was a long drive. We were constantly worried about her health. She assured us that she was okay, though. Ms. Pat is super nice and I just couldn’t thank her enough for a wonderful night of exploration. I feel so blessed. What a wonderful feeling.


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