Merry Christmas!

I woke up early today (around 7AM) to greet my mother and my little sister a very Merry Christmas. Because of the different timezones, our time here is 13 hours late compared to the Philippines. I was really excited to hear their voices.

This is my second time spending Christmas without my family, my first being last year’s wherein I was at Cebu for my On-The-Job Training. I’ve learned to be strong over the years. And that nothing is constant except for change and death. My upcoming years will probably be celebrated the same way. But that’s part of growing up that I’ve come to accept.

I picked up my calling card and immediately dialled our phone number at home. Someone picked up after the third ring. It was my aunt, Tita B. Her tone implied excitement and a little bit of shock. She didn’t expect me to call. She asked me how I were and rushed to call my little sister Trixia. Tita B is always so cheerful.

Trixia picked up a few seconds later and we did a little catching up with each other. I missed her so much. Her voice was a little hoarse. I asked if she was okay and she told me she had a cold. I was worried but she assured me she was alright. I wanted to give her a huge hug and just squeeze her. We do that all the time.

Trixia handed the phone to Mommy so we could also talk. Mommy didn’t waste a second and asked everything a mother would ask. My health, about the food, the people here, and a whole lot more. Exactly what moms do best. I love my mom. I assured her I’m in top condition and ready for anything. She handed the phone back to Trixia and I bid both of them a MERRY CHRISTMAS. Most people would say “I love you!” I don’t. I show it.


Happy holidays!


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