A Different Assignment

Tonight, instead of being assigned at the Main Club, I was moved to Three Palms. I have only worked there once, and at that time, I was tasked to observe and familiarize myself with the workflow. I was able to utilize that knowledge tonight. It came really handy.

Three Palms is a casual restaurant for the members of the Jupiter Island Club. Unlike at the Main Club where we were Jackets, we just wear our vests, which I love wearing. The Main Club only had less than 30 people whereas Three Palms had 80. That’s probably the most they had this month. The reason why they needed two more servers than the usual. There were a total of 5 of us.

I admit, I didn’t like the sudden change. My head overflowed with mixed thoughts. The Captains gave us a heads-up that it was gonna be a busy night. Why assign a newbie? They probably didn’t have much of a choice. But then, I realized that they probably picked the most suited ones, and that made me feel good. It means they could trust me with a busy night. Now that’s employee appreciation.

Before dinner starts, we get briefed with the menu (pre-meal) and are given words of wisdom plus pep talks. Being used to working in the Main Club where we are briefed after Three Palms, I missed our pre-meal. Well, I wouldn’t say missed, rather, I joined in after all the vital food-related information was already mentioned. I was ashamed. Dinner hasn’t started yet and I already made a mistake. Everyone assured me that it was okay, though. Chef Mark was kinda shocked to see me with the Three Palms people. He didn’t expect me to join them. He flashed a smile as I asked him what I needed to know foodwise. After preparing my order pad, I was ready for a night of pure action.

I only had one table, but I had to help the person assigned at the terrace (Joseph). No biggie. My table was a 5-top but three arrived really late, so I helped Joseph by the meantime. I took one table when he had three at the same time. That table, a 3-top, had Mrs. Carr, the President of the Club. Mrs. Carr is really really really nice. She never fails to smile. She would stop talking in the middle of a conversation to greet anyone. I enjoy serving her. I hope to have her as a guest again next time.

To make this blog shorter, I’ll skip the other details. To summarize, I had four tables, fifteen people in total, and had the second most number of people served. What an achievement! To top that, my 5-top complimented me on how good I was and Wayne, our Captain, praised me on how great I did this night. I want more nights like this. I feel so overwhelmingly happy.

Incidentally, today, the results of the Nursing Board Exam came in. Two of my friends are now Registered Nurses. Hooray! Bring on the lechon!


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