Islands of Adventure

Three days ago, I, together with six of my co-workers from Jupiter Island Club, went to Universal Studios Orlando, Florida. This makes it my second theme park, the first being Walt Disney World at Orlando as well. I was gonna blog about it when I get the chance, but I guess my chance came three days later.

JJ, Brenda, and ME

Roll call! The Interns: JJ, Brenda, and Me. The servers: Fabian and Angel. Captain: Tim. Chef: Ryhien.

The Whole Gang

Universal Studios Orlando is divided into two theme parks: Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure. We started with the latter.

Islands of Adventure

Guess what everyone rode first? The Incredible Hulk roller coaster. An extreme one right off the bat. Of course, I had to stay because I’m such a wimp when it comes to roller coasters, or heights, in general. I hate me. The ride looked totally cool, though. It was as if they were being fired from a rocket launcher.

The Incredible Hulk Ride

The second is called Dr. Doom’ Fearfall. I tried this one. It would have been unfair if I pass on every ride. This was a thrill ride where we were strapped in our seats and we skyrocketed upwards. The most thrilling part was the starting point. No countdowns. We didn’t know when we were gonna go upwards. When we did, I started screaming like crazy. But the whole ride wasn’t that extreme at all. The others kept saying it was scarier than the first ride they rode, or any roller coaster. It wasn’t. At least, for me.

Before having lunch, Tim wanted to try River Adventure, which gets you really really really soaked. No one wanted to get that wet. But we couldn’t be all killjoys so, JJ decided to tag along. They claimed it was fun. I wouldn’t have mind going with them had there been a really convenient human dryer nearby.

Brenda and ME

Lunch was at Hogsmeade. Or at least, somewhere there. I’m not much of a fan of Harry Potter. The group decided to have a salad to start with. For our entrees, we had ribs, chicken, corn on a cob, and potatoes and veggies. A whopper of a meal. We were so full that we wanted to find the nearest bed and just jump into it. That didn’t happen. We wished it did, though.

Entering Hogsmeade

Our Salad


The Whole Gang

The first ride of the afternoon was the 3D Harry Potter ride. Forgot the name. Basically, it was a motion simulator ride which was perfect for me. It was a fun ride, even for a non-fan of the movies/books. Skeletons, magic, broom rides, and falling from buildings were some that I really enjoyed.

The Dragon Challenge ride was second. There were two choices: Red and Blue. Both are two different rides. If I remember correctly, they chose the blue one. I had to pass on this one too.

Dragon Challenge Entrance

We rode another motion simulator ride featuring SpiderMan. It was a kiddie ride, but we rode it anyways. It was okay. Not as fun as the Harry Potter one, though. After that, I had a Dippin’ Dots’ Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream. It’s been almost two years since I had it. It was so good and nostalgic. Reminded me of my Busch Gardens VA days.

Dippin' Dots

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Brenda, JJ, and Tim

ME, Ryhien, and Fabian

And that’s pretty much it for Islands of Adventure. I’m gonna blog about Universal Studios Florida, the second half of the theme park, in a separate post.



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