Miami, baby!

Yesterday, our good friend Fabian was kind enough to go out of his way to drive me and my friend JJ all the way down to Miami. We were to pay our friend (and fellow intern) Jea a nice visit. Jea was JJ’s classmate during college.

We left Hobe Sound as early as 11AM. We ate at a place called Big Apple Pizza & Pasta. I had a Big Apple Sampler with a side of fries. I admit, I thought I could finish it all, but I couldn’t. Maybe I should eat less fries next time. I was so full.


The trip was a 2-hour drive. To pass the time, I fiddled with my tab, imagined impossible scenarios in my head, and tried to sleep from time to time. It was effective. Before I knew it, we arrived at Bayside Marketplace. We found a nice parking spot nearby.

Bayside Logo

Fabian told us that the primary language of Miami is Spanish. We hardly knew it, but English got us through. Enough to roam about and find the places we wanted to go to.


Bayside Market

Bayside Market was huge and bustling with people. It was near a pier, ships and yachts (and whatever the other ships were called) scattered everywhere. We found a few stores that piqued our interests: two souveneir shops, a Gamespot store, and an electronics store. Most of what we bought were clothes. Lots of it.

JJ and Fabian



Bayfront Park was nearby with interesting landmarks. We had to check it out. There were also graffiti in some parts of the park. I wish they made sense to me. It looked cool.


Our last stop, before heading to Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa where Jea is an intern in, was American Airlines Arena. I don’t know much about it, but I heard it’s where the Miami Heat basketball team plays slash practices.

American Airlines Arena

Jea had to work until 5PM, so we passed the time stuffing ourselves up at Publix across Canyon Ranch. As usual, my sweet tooth got the best of me. There were so much to choose from. Saying “no” took more willpower than I thought it would. I ended up buying a Jumbo Chocolate Chip cookie and a bottle of water. Not bad.


At around 5PM, we headed to Canyon Ranch and stayed at the lobby. Jea came out a few minutes after. She suppressed a scream as she saw JJ and I. It has been a while. Everyone couldn’t believe that we were seeing each other again in person. Skype doesn’t really give that same kind of feeling. She asked for a few minutes to finish her chits. We were out and about as soon as she got changed.


Jea let out her scream while we were in the car. We were on our way to a shopping district where some, if not, all of the action at Miami happens. Photo shoots, commercials, parties, and a whole lot more. South beach was also part of our list.

South Beach

Shake Shack was where we ate our dinner. That makes it my second time in a Shake Shack burger stand, my first being at NYC at 2011 with my blood relatives.

At Shake Shack (JJ, Jea, Me, and Fabian)

Our last stop was Jea’s apartment. Parking was a bit of a hassle. We circled their apartment at least twice before finding a nice spot. There, we met two of her three housemates. One had glasses and braces, and one had long straight her. I forgot who was who, but I kbow all three names. I should, considering the fact that all four of their names combined was the password for their wiFi. I complimented their apartment too. No worries. It was really cozy there. Plus, they had a huge TV. My TV is too small. Jea gave us chocolates as parting gifts and a way to say thanks for the visit.

I wish we had more time, but we really enjoyed the company. Now, our next target is our friend (and a fellow intern as well) Daphne. She’s at Marco Island, which is a 2 or 3-hour drive from Hobe Sound.

Fingers crossed!



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