My day just keeps getting better.


Breakfast Shift

My shift wasn’t as busy as I thought it would be, today being a Monday and all. I only did six covers (people). Not bad. And not tiring at all.


Here at Jupiter Island, the Club has a contract with Diamond Transport. They provide transfer services to the banks, grocery stores, and malls in specific timeframes. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, they come pick us up at 11AM. I rode with them and went to a place called 3 Brothers Brunch. They serve brunch all day. I ordered bacon and eggs – my favorite breakfast meal. I just love bacon. Who doesn’t?

Usually, we come back to the island at around 1PM. But for today, Diamond Transport assigned two different drivers to drive us to our destination and to pick us up. Mo was our firt driver today, who is also, coincidentally, the first driver I’ve met and the one who picked me up in the airport when I first got here. Anyway, Mo dropped me off near 3 Brothers and told me he’d come pick me up after he drops the rest at Walmart. I only needed thirty minutes. After I got my order, Mo came and drove me home. I got back at around 12 NN. Perfect. 1 hour early.

I ate like a pig in my room. Lots of bacon, eggs, toast, and home fries for just one person. I was so full that I slept after half an hour.

Night off

Wayne, one of the three Captains of the Club, called me a few minutes before my alarm went off. As much as I wanted to sleep more, I couldn’t ignore any phone call I receive as it may be urgent. This time, the call was to ask if I wanted the night off. A big YES! I worked for more than thirteen hours last night. Plus, I had to wake up early today for breakfast. I needed some kind of break. And this was it.

Now, after I do my laundry, I plan on renting a movie on the Play Store. I just have to choose which movie I want to see. 🙂


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