Rapids Water Park

Today, most of us got the day off. Why, you ask? Because today’s Employee Appreciation Night. Meaning, no dinner shifts for anyone. Hoorah! Two servers got stuck doing breakfast and lunch shifts, though. Someone had to do it.

Basically, today’s gonna be divided into two events: a Rapids Water Park visit and the JIC Employee Bowling Tournament.

To start the day right, we had to have breakfast first. Tim, Jj, and I tried this place called Harry & The Natives. It was relatively near. I couldn’t believe I haven’t tried eating there yet.

Harry & The Natives was a nice quiet place along the highway. It had all these random signboards outside. Reading a couple of ’em proved to be fun. Some were quotes by famous people. And some were just plain funny. I remember one saying that even if they were closed, as long as you slip a couple of bucks down the door, they’ll welcome you with open arms. Another one says something like “You’re never too old to learn something stupid.” You gotta love their ideas for decoration.

I got my usual breakfast meal: two eggs sunny side up, bacon, white toast, and chocolate chip pancakes. You’d think I’d want to get something different after always ordering the same thing at 3 Brothers Brunch – my favorite breakfast place. My love for bacon and eggs is just overwhelming. One could say that it’s unconditional love. Although, using that phrase to refer to food may be a little bit weird. Biut hey, I’m not normal, so, what the heck.

My meal was delectable. I ate two people’s worth of food. I was so full. Jj got the same thing without the pancakes. Tim got a quiche. Whatever that is. It looked lika a pie with a salad. Tim liked it. Halfway through our meal, two more of our friends arrived: Ryhien and Fabian. They were in a separate car. Our other Filipino friend, Brenda, should have been with them, but apparently, she had family problems to deal with. Too bad.


Rapids Water Park


We were supposed to meet Julia, one of our friends, at the entrance of the water park. We spotted Julia- err, she spotted us a few meters away from where we parked. She brought her entire house with her with all the stuff she had at the back of her car. A huge pile of clothes. Anyway, after we bought our tickets, we bumped into more of our friends that work in the kitchen at the Club. If I’m not mistaken, there were eight of ’em. Lemme try to name them all: Dream, Nam (the two Thais), Mark, Justin, Alphonso, and Sam. Oh wait. I guess there were only six of them. Close enough.

Alphanso, Dream, Sam, Justin, Mark, JJ, and Nam

Me and Julia


Julia, Ryhien (back), and Fabian

We pretty much tried every ride, excluding all the kiddie rides and the wave pool. We started off with the easy ones for warm-ups. I don’t remember most of the names of the rides as I didn’t bother reading. What I do remember is a ride called the Black Thunder, which is the most extreme water ride, or so they say. Basically, you go into this black and white tube of pure darkness. Most of the ride is inside the tube, which is really pitch black. Not knowing what to expect was part of the fun. In the middle, we were in this funnel-shaped thing where we went from left to right a couple of times until we got swooped all the way down to the exit. I loved the unpredictability of the ride. It wasn’t that extreme, in my opinion. But it was my favorite. And it was epic.

Before calling it a day, Jj and a couple of our friends, rode a slightly similar ride to that of the Black Thunder. Just less extreme. The darkness and the funnel elements were still present. I wanted to go, but I was eating, so I ended up taking pictures of them instead. The viewers could hear the screams inside the tube a mile away. It was that loud.



I had so much fun. Day offs should always be like this. Exploring, basking in the sun, sharing smiles, screaming our lungs out, and relaxing. A perfect way to unwind after working so hard the whole week. Also, it’s been a while since I went to a water park.

I made some pretty good memories with my friends today. I’d like to make more. Much more.

Note: The Jupiter Island Club Employee Bowling Tournament (dang, that’s long) will have to be a separate post as this is already sorta long.


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