Just the Beginning

What do you do after finishing a season of work? Do you just lay in your bed until you have to work again? Or do you have the time of your life going on a vacation? Chances are, you’d pick the latter. And that’s exactly what I did.

My last day of work was on the 29th of April. But my friends and I already planned our vacation way before that date. You can never be too early. Our plan was a trip down memory lane – revisiting Virginia, the Old Dominion.

My friends (JJ, Jea and Daphne) and I, with the exception of JJ, used to work at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Virginia, during our college years. We picked Busch for our On-the-Job Training as a requirement for our course. We were the 2011 Summer Work and Travel Program Batch. The program lasted for three months, plus a one month grace period for traveling slash packing our stuff up. Thus, our sole reason for going back.

May 1

Jj and I left our dorm early in the morning. Ms. Pat, a kind lady who works at the Front Desk and our dear friend, drove us all the way to Mangonia Park to ride the Tri-Rail. She is so kind and sweet. We rode the Tri-Rail for two hours, hopping off at the last stop – Hialeah Market. From there, we rode a bus to Miami International Airport. Most would think that we were on our way to catch our plane. What we actually did was find a ride to Sheraton Hotel where we booked an overnight stay to wait for our friend Jea. Our flight was on the 2nd. We only had to go to the airport because it was the most convenient. Both of the transfers were free anyways.

Sheraton Hotel was high-class. A little bit too much for me. We got a great price a couple of weeks ago so we grabbed it. By the time we arrived, it was already afternoon. We haven’t eaten anything since we left. Our tummies were practically screaming. We threw our stuff at our beds and rushed down. Our room was on the 5th floor.

Ours was the other one. This was Jea’s.



A buffet place was available on the ground floor but we didn’t make it. They closed about an hour before we got there. Our last resort was the bar. (We could have went outside, but that was out of the picture.) Good thing they served full meals. I thought they only serve bar snacks. I ordered a Churrasco Steak with fries. Man, did it fill me up.


I lounged on the sofa at the lobby for a couple of minutes. My body was persuading me to sleep, but I used my willpower to resist it. Being at a foreign place, sleep wasn’t an option. And so, I took the liberty of touring the place. Or some of it, at least.






Later that night, our friend Jea arrived. Being the adventurers that we are, we didn’t settle for just touring the hotel. Miami’s a huge place. As a result, we went to Bayside. We had dinner at the food court, roamed around a little, and bought ice cream before calling it a day.



This wraps up my first day of May, as well as the first day of our vacation. Here’s a photo of us before hitting the hay.

JJ, Me, and Jea (and Patrice on the iPad)


and this is just the beginning…


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