The Wolverine State

Procrastination has, once again, grabbed me by its tentacles. I was supposed to, or rather, I was going to, write about my third and fourth day of vacation at Virginia. The third was pretty much the highlight. Memories kindled as we made our way to Busch Gardens, where we were once part of the staff. The fourth day was purely for sightseeing. Musuems, landmarks, etc. We only had half a day as we had to be at the airport by 2 P.M. Being late was not an option.

I guess this pretty much sums up the second half of my vacation. Aside from blaming procrastination, wi-fi is very scarce where I am right now, which brings us to why I started this post.

Change of State

Gone are my sun-kissed Florida days. I now wake up to chilly mornings of Mackinac Island, Michigan. My contract with Jupiter Island Club ended on the last day of April. We were already set to transfer to our next training establishment – Grand Hotel.

Brenda, JJ, and I arrived on the island on the 8th of May. As of now, we have settled into our dorms. I live in the Waiter’s Quarters, a green building situated on top of a hill at the back of the hotel. As far as rooms go, mine is a pretty decent one. I share a room with JJ who was originally at Cook’s Corner, a white dorm just before the hill. Brenda lives at Woodville, a better housing. The only downside is that it’s a mile away fromy the hotel. Very inconvenient. Most Filipinos live in Cook’s while most Jamaicans live in Waiter’s. Woodville houses mixed nationalities.

I had my suspicions regarding the housing. What if I was incorrectly placed in the wrong dorm? Well, I clarified it, and as it turned out, they made an effort to place most Filipinos at Cook’s, but it could only accommodate so much. JJ and I aren’t the only Filipinos in Waiter’s anyways. I still have a lot of reasons to be grateful.

Incidentally, it snowed a couple of days ago. If I remember correctly, it was on Mother’s Day. A treat for the Moms here in Michigan. It wasn’t the kind I usually saw in the movies where the kids could build snowmen and make snow angels. Rather, it was very light and could have been easily mistaken for rain. I opened my palm, caught a snowflake, and watched how it immediately melted. ‘Twas a short-lived magical moment.


Contrary to the warm welcome we received in Florida, a chilly breeze welcomed us to Michigan – The Wolverine State. Hello, Michigan!


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