Summer Is Just Around The Corner

What better way to welcome the first day of June than with a well-deserved day off.

I got up at around noon. As much as I love sleeping, I didn’t want to drift the whole day away. As I was in the shower, I was mentally generating my itinerary. I didn’t do well. I hardly do well in the planning stage. I was always the happy-go-lucky and go-with-the-flow type. When I was about to leave, I decided that whichever restaurant glommed my attention would be my choice. I should probably mention that I can really be random at times.

As I was walking down Mackinac Market, I came across this pub called Huron St. Pub and Grill. I always knew there was a street named Huron, which has a sorta misused and made fun of meaning in my dialect, here in the island. I just never got around to check my map and see where it is.

The pub was almost deserted. I sat somewhere near the window. My lighting was just right, not that it affected me in any way. My waitress seemed to pop out of nowhere. Her physical features reminded me of Cheryl from Jupiter Island Club (my previous workplace) who was in charge of the payroll. I didn’t get the name of my waitress, so I mentally call her Cheryl 2. I ordered a Patawatomi Beef Brisket, mainly because it had the most peculiar name. Plus, it was Japanese-ish and sounded cool. Though I could never remember the name without resorting to a little note I wrote it at.


The food was delectable. The music was calming. My waitress was too blithesome, in a good way. Overall, it was good place to eat, but not good enough to make me want to come back.

I spent the next couple of minutes somewhere near Fort Mackinac where I tried reading my summer book “The Universe Versus Alex Woods” by Gavin Extence. I say tried because I couldn’t stand the people smoking everywhere. I just started reading the 13th chapter. I left and searched for a better place to read my book at.




I passed through Mackinac Market which wasn’t bustling with people like I thought it would be, considering today was a weekday.


Weather-wise, it was warm with a couple of chilly occasional gusts of wind. Summer really is just around the corner. I realize how clichĂ© this phrase is, but it’s the best title and description.




Eventually, I found a nice cozy bench outside the nearest Ryba’s Fudge Shop branch from Grand Hotel. I bought a cup of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. I can never get enough of that flavor.


I resumed reading my book while enjoying my ice cream. Halfway through the chapter, my Chinese friend Lu appeared. She was on her way home. Her peripheral vision caught a glimpse of me reading. She sat beside me and we talked for a bit. In hindsight, what transpired next was totally unexpected.

We skipped the formalities and the usual hey-how-are-you conversation starters. I asked her where she lives.

Windsor,” she replied.

Then she asked me the same thing. I told her I live at a green dorm called Waiter’s Quarters with my friend.

Windsor seemed like a very nice dorm to live at. I shared my thoughts and she assured me that although it is, her roomie leaves much to be liked. Reason: roomie’s boyfriend. To be specific, they make out in the room when Lu and her other roomie are in the midst of their sleep. Lu doesn’t really mind the occasional moaning over the course of the night, but her other roomie just couldn’t (she packed her stuff and told Human Resources). I noticed her eating Superman-flavored ice cream (it’s this colorful ice cream that is still a mystery for me too) while she was telling me all this. I bid her goodbye just as I finished my ice cream.

I continued reading my book until I finished the entire chapter. Then I was homebound.

Incidentally, I inquired about the wifi services Ucal (a dorm resident here) had going on. Basically, he offers rates depending on your device. My Nexus 7 was priced $10/hour. I can now connect at the convenience of my own room. I can now also blog anytime I want so long as I don’t have any work.

Looking forward to Summer!


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