Someone just turned 21 today. Can you guess who? Hint: he’s got the initials R.A.D.

… Correct!

It’s my birthday today! Woohoo! I am now of legal age. No more getting kicked out by the bartenders. Oops, too much information. On the down-side, I stop growing, height-wise. Not that I’m not contented with my height. Most men my age are as tall as me. Besises, I don’t want to be too tall.

I didn’t plan my day in any way. No fancy dinner reservations, organized outfit, nothing. Honestly, I just want my birthday to be just as normal as any other day. Plain and simple. This is how I always celebrated it. Last last year’s and this year’s only deviated a little bit in terms of location – both were celebrated here in America.

Last last year, 2011, I was still participating in Dream Search Int’l. Inc.’s Summer Work and Travel Program where I was assigned as  Food Service Attendant at Trapper’s Smokehouse Grill, Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Virginia. That sentence was longer than I thought. My friends surprised me with a couple of candle-topped cupcakes and greeted me in the middle of the night. After the singing and obligatory speech, a little food fight transpired. We were slinging and stuffing each other with icing. The look on our faces were priceless.



This year, I get to turn a year older in America again. Maybe this is a sign of many more birthdays (here in America) to come. One can only hope.

Today, I went to three places. I didn’t even realize that I had formulated a mini-itinerary as I went through my day (which isn’t over yet).

Ryba’s Pancake House

First stop of the day. I have dubbed this as my “Favorite Breakfast Spot.” It’s a little breakfast joint located on the island of Mackinac, a couple of meters away from the ferry. Space-wise, it’s quite small and can only accommodate a small number of people. Although, for most, this isn’t actually a letdown. The waitresses are very hospitable and perky, always wearing a smile – the quintessential characteristic. Their best asset is their food, of course. The way they cook their bacon and eggs is just heavenly. You know how I love my bacon and eggs. Add in chocolate chip pancakes and white toast and I have what I call my Signature Breakfast. And that’s exactly what I had earlier. I can’t describe how full I was aftwerwards.


3D Maze of Mirrors

As the name implies, it’s an actual little maze of mirrors. I went with Brenda. JJ was too tired and needed to relax so he couldn’t tag along.


The admission fee was really cheap: $5. Before entering, we were prompted to wear 3D glasses and transparent plastic gloves to avoid fingerprints on the mirrors. I imagine it’d be a pain to clean all those dirty mirrors had they not implemented the glove rule.

An estimate ranging from a couple of seconds to half an hour is given to people to finish the maze. As we entered, I was mesmerized. Lights glimmered as we saw endless images of us. We had to raise our hands in front of us to avoid bumping into a mirror (which is just about as inevitable as taxes).

We could’ve finished the maze in two minutes, but that would’ve taken the fun out of it. Instead, we took our time and pretended to be lost in a labyrinth of endless twist and turns. Eventually, we had to find the exit and finish the maze. Trying something new is always fun.


A FroYo place on the same street as 3D Maze of Mirrors. My love for FroYo is deeper than I thought. I just have an insatiable craving for FroYo.


I like how they have a variety of yogurt flavors. We could even have a combination of two flavors. There was only one cup size, though.

Customers get to choose between vegetables, fruits, and sweets for toppings. Naturally, I went with the sweets side. I tried a little bit of everything. It just looked so irresistible. Except for the gummy bears. I wasn’t much of a fan of gummy bears. If they had mini Reese’s cups, it would’ve been the perfect FroYo place.

Halfway through my FroYo, Mae, one of our friends, along with her friend, saw the both of us in the window side. They went in and joined us. Mae introduced us to her friend Jessa, who, as it turned out, has the exact same birthday as me. Talk about coincidence. In hindsight, there are probably a million more people celebrating their birthdays today.

Our laughter echoed in the store. We were laughing so hard, our faces were as red as tomatoes. Jessa, in particular, loved laughing. It came to her naturally. We had to part after finishing our FroYo, albeit fast, as they had to buy groceries. Brenda and I went straight home. En route, I had my picture taken in front of the hotel.


The day is still young. Although I’m wrapping up my post, I may still add something later, should there be anything interesting that pops up.




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