Extra Service

Working here at the Grand Hotel isn’t as grand as being a guest of it. We don’t get as much hours as we hoped we would. (At least we get paid by the hour.) This is why opportunities for extra service are always longed for. In some cases, people make more doing extra service than they do with their regular job. Although, extra services aren’t always everyone’s cup of tea.

This week, there were tons of opportunities for extra services. They let us know by posting it on the window of our Human Resources’ office. By the way, our HR office is only open from 1PM – 5PM. What’s up with that? I signed up for two different shifts. One was at The Fort yesterday, the other was at Tea Garden earlier today.

The Fort

Yesterday was the 4th of July – America’s Independence Day. One can only imagine how busy it was at The Fort. There were hundreds of people. It was an event open to the public. I didn’t think there could be so many people on this tiny little island. It was nothing compared to the thousands of people I used to serve back at Busch Gardens, though. Never a non-busy day that theme park.


I’m not sure if there was a name for the event. It was a picnic-styled dinner. We had a pile of stacked linen, two lines for the buffet, beverage stands, lots of tables, and a gazillion chairs. Seriously. I commend the people who brought and put up all those chairs. I helped out a bit with the chairs too. Just to let you know.


The picnic dinner went well. A success, one might say. I even got a $5 tip for entertaining a couple. Well, all I did was talk (a lot) and take their picture. I miss that part of being a server. Satisfying guests is one of the many perks of being a server, and a reward too in its own way. With my current assignment, I am limited to, probably, less than a five-minute conversation with guests. Best part of it was that I get to be with my friends in a different environment. Plus, we got to see a couple of reenacments.



Tea Garden

As part of July 4th, Grand Hotel held a three-day celebration with games and such. A mini carnival of sorts. People gathered to have oodles of fun in the sun. Did I just use the word oodles? I signed up knowing that the shift starts at 11:00 A.M. I even set up my alarm to set off at 10AM. Unfortunately, because the snooze button was so tempting, I overslept. I woke up past 11AM because of a late night despedida party (which was awesome) we had last night (which will be a separate post should I muster up the energy to blog about it). Funny how fast I can move when I realize I’m late to work. Usually, I’m as slow as a turtle in the morning. I got up, readied myslef, and rushed to the Tea Garden.

I was half an hour late. What would you expect? Everyone has already been assigned a specific area slash game. Honestly, I was ready to go back home if they didn’t need another person. I just wanted to make sure I at least show up. Good thing this Football-ish game needed one more person. I screamed “YES!” in my head.

I didn’t bother checking the name of my game. It was probably something like “Lions’ Football Game” or something. The mechanics were simple. All they had to do was hit as many bears as they can. The catch: there were seven bears. 4 in black Bears (probably a football team) jackets and 3 in blue Lions (definitely a football team) jacket. In actuality, they only had to hit all three blue-jacketed bear. Hence, the reason for the name I gave the game.

We were drenched in the sun for what seemed like forever. But it was really worth it because it was bliss. I love kids. I love entertaining them and this provided an outlet for my happiness. All sorts of sentences came out of my mouth (mostly encouraging words slash cheers) that I had no idea I would be using in real life. Seeing the kids (and kids in heart) have fun and their faces lit with smiles drained all the unnecessary complaints I had. Even though I didn’t have breakfast and lunch, and we finished at around 2P.M., I can say that it was the best extra service I ever did. More so because a couple of my friends were there as well.


Opportunities like these don’t come that often. Memories don’t just magically appear in our heads. We create our memories. This is why I’m so thankful for every single day I get, as should everyone else.


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