The Sunday Mass

Last Sunday, I was able to go to church and attend a mass. Finally. It seemed like forever since I last went. When I was still in the Philippines, my whole family had a weekly routine of attending the mass during Sundays and eating outside. I miss those times.

A couple of weeks earlier, Father Joel, a Filipino priest, visited the hotel and passed by where I was stationed. He informed me that he will be having a mass on the last Sunday of this month. Everyone was encouraged to come. Well, mostly Filipinos. It was gonna be in our language. I decided to come.

I realized that going alone would be too boring, so I asked a couple of my friends to come, namely: Jessa (my friend who has the same birthday as I do) and Ben (Jessa’s schoolmate slash roommate) tagged along with me. The mass was held at St. Anne’s Church, located at the Visitor’s Center. I must say, it took us almost half an hour to get there. I didn’t realize how far it was. Plus, Jessa and I spurting nonsense and cracking ourselves up made the walk seemed longer. Ben rode his bike on the way.

There’s a first for everything. That much is true. It was my first time at the Visitor’s Center. Also at St. Anne’s Church. The church is huge! White is the dominant color. The interior was very serene and calming. I didn’t take that much pictures, so you’ll have to take my word for it.



I was glad there were more of us Filipinos inside. More friends. And, we arrived almost just in time. The mass had barely started, although I kept reiterating en route that we were very late. I guess I was overthinking it.

The songs were mostly “Tagalog.” I couldn’t sing along as I only knew the English versions and our dialect’s (Waray) versions. I tried lip-synching. I was pretty good. Not!

After the mass, we were told to proceed downstairs. To my surprise, they prepared food for everyone. Filipino food. How awesome was that? Not to mention I didn’t get to eat dinner yet. Lucky! We had so much fun there. Bonding with my fellow Filipino co-workers never felt so good. We took pictures, talked about random things, sang karaoke, and planned next time’s meeting. Starting last Sunday, every last Sunday of the months to come will be the dates for our Filipino masses. We are to gather as many people as we can, and lift our hearts to God. Looking forward to the Sundays to come. May it be as fun as last Sunday. If not, even more fun!



The family that prays together, stays together.


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