Everyone has that one thing they’re afraid of. Whether it’s water or spiders, fear is embedded in each and every one of us. As much as I hate to admit it, I, too, am afraid of something – heights. I know I’m not the only one, but still.

The common advice would be to face your fears one step at a time. A giant leap forward could just very well end up counterproductive. This is why I took one step to overcome my fear.



That’s right. Last Tuesday, on my off, I went parasailing with my friend Jessa (my sister from another mother and father). Honestly, I tried cancelling it to the best of my abilities. I failed. Jessa’s mind was already set. She made reservations the day before. No turning back for us.

The Parasailing activity was at Mackinaw City, a 15-minute ferry ride away from the island. Another branch is located on the island too, but rumors entail that the one on Mackinaw is better. We had to believe the rumors. Plus, we needed to get out of the island anyway.

We left early in the morning. We took the 8 o’clock ferry. The thing is, there was a promo for early birds at Mackinaw Parasailing. The price was considerably lower. We only paid around a hundred bucks for the both of us. A sweet deal, wouldn’t you agree?

There were only two people there when we arrived. One was Charlie or Charles. The other one was a guy with “V” as the first letter. I have a bad memory. We signed a couple of documents that I had to read because… well, just because. I love reading. The point was that they weren’t liable for anything that may happen to us. Figures. We got on the boat after signing.

To our surprise, there was a family of four who went along with us. At first, I thought it would’ve been awkward. But it wasn’t. That family was fun to be with. They kept asking us typical foreigner questions like where we were from or if we spoke Spanish. I answered all their questions. Interacting with people is my forte even though I was an introvert before.

The weather didn’t cooperate with us that day. The sky was gray. Storm clouds loomed on the horizon. It drizzled from time to time. The sun was nowhere in sight. Still, it was a now-or-never moment.

We let the son and daughter go first so we would know how it worked. Their testimonials proved to be encouraging. Next was the father. He went up alone. His wife only came as a spectator. Jessa and I went up last. It was a one-sided decision. I admit, I was scared when we were taking off. Not sure if that was the correct term. We got way up high. Strangely, it wasn’t as terrifying as I thought it’d be. I mean, I came into the conclusion that if I were to fall, I’d just dive right into the lake. Not exactly deadly or anything, but it still would’ve hurt. High up in the sky, I felt like a bird soaring. Freedom. Except for the harness and the lifejacket strapped on me. The wind in my eyes, my hair dancing to the breeze, my feet swinging back and forth, it was über fun. Occasionally, I would let out a squeal or two. But other than that, it was bliss.





I learned to conquer one of my fears. Although not completely, I’ll do it one step at a time. No need to rush or anything.


By the way, we received certificates for completing the activity. And, we got the digital photo package. That’s one item crossed out of the Bucket List (which has yet been made).


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