I know my last post was about my day off, but this post will be about yet another day off. Yesterday’s day off, to be exact. And this is how it turned out.

I woke up feeling so good. Got enough sleep. Woke up on the right side of the bed. Dorm is quiet. Sun shining down on my face. Pretty much an excellent way to start a day, right? Right. Well, it gets better.

I had thought about eating breakfast at Chuckwagon for quite some time now. Yesterday was the perfect opportunity. I got up at around 10A.M. Chuckwagon stops serving breakfast at 11A.M. I had one hour. I took a shower, got dressed, and hurried down. 10:55A.M., I was one block away. I was pretty sure I wasn’t gonna make it.

Breakfast. 8AM – 11:30AM.

The sign sat just by the window side. I was out of breath. I tried catching it before heading in.

The place wasn’t as full as I thought it would be. I sat slightly to the right of the cook. Space-wise, the place is really cramped. No complaints, though. I ordered The Great Big Breakfast. They didn’t just name it for nothing. It was huge. Three eggs, two types of meat, toast, and home fries. My tummy was very happy.

I had my mind set on watching a movie at Mackinaw City. Usually, the movies start at 2PM. I finished eating at 12NN. I didn’t want to arrive early, so I stayed at Starbucks for an hour. I ordered a Grande Double Chocolaty Chip and started reading my book that I always had to put down. It was a good read.


I rode the 1PM ferry. It took about 15 minutes to arrive at Mackinaw City. I stopped by the cinema first. On weekdays, movies start at 7PM. I checked the site beforehand. It did state that. But I thought it was an error. I had to change plans.

Out of the blue, I decided to book a body massage at a salon called Utopia. Not that I was stressed or anything. I just wanted one because… I wanted one. Then I changed my mind and decided to have a facial instead. And so I did. I had a Honey and French Green Clay Facial. It sounded so fancy. Just to let you know, that was my first ever facial here in America. And I absolutely loved it! The experience was new and very invigorating. I even considered coming back next week for another one. The ladies working there were very hospitable and fun. I only had a pic of one of them, the lady who gave me the facial.


I took the 5:30PM ferry and got back on the island in less than half an hour. I immediately went to Twist-N-Sprouts and customized my FroYo. I was disappointed because they were out of Reese’s. I still enjoyed my FroYo, though.


I was in a hurry because I was gonna attend Tuesday Bingo Night at the Community Hall. It always starts at around 6PM. I was running late. I arrived probably around half past six. I made it. They were just about to start in around seven seconds. I sat between Iris and Ingrid.





Bingo was so much fun. Anticipating the next number, sitting on the edge of the seat, waiting for that last number, practicing yelling BINGO. Time just slipped away.


Next time, for sure, it’ll be my time to shine yell “BINGO!”


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