A New Year’s State of Mind

6 thoughts on “A New Year’s State of Mind

  1. An exciting great start for 2014. Wishing you all the best and all things amazing the new Year. Wishing your family back home happiness, good health and all things good for New Year as well. It is hard to forget something that scary in 2013 but with love & support, we can all face the future with courage & hope.

    1. Wishing you all the best as well! It may have been traumatic, but nothing beats the Filipino spirit. Always standing up after falling. Always moving forward.

  2. Oh me oh my, rollercoaster is right! You certainly rode the ups and downs with grace. What a story about you being placed in the states, and you wound up on Mackinaw Island. Of all places! We have a hime in Harbor Springs which is in the upper part of the lower peninsula, not far from where you take the ferry across to the island. I always appreciate seeing your lovely comments on my blog, and wish you peace in 2014. Cheers, Margie

    1. Thank you, Margie! 2013 was one heck of a year. I’m sure 2014 will be better and make up for everything. Oh! Harbor Springs, you say? I know the place! I can’t believe you were so near. If I knew, I could have given you a quick tour in Grand Hotel. Have you been there?

  3. You must be very grateful for the experience, and for having dodged the darkest hour. Now, you have so many windows of opportunities along those experiences and hardship…. So make some lemonade this year. 😉

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