Project Pie


This year is starting to look bright for me. I’m saying goodbye to the life of unemployment slash total slacker and saying hello to my new job: Restaurant Partner at Project Pie.

Project Pie is an International Fast food chain from America franchised here in the Philippines. For first timers, ordering can be a bit confusing. That’s where we Restaurant Partners come in the picture. We basically guide the guests and custom build their pizzas in front of them. They have three ways of ordering. First, they choose from our seven signature pizzas as is. Second, they choose from one of the seven and customize it along the way. Third, and probably the most often used (and time-consuming) way, is they build their own pizza from scratch. Personally, if it was my first time, I’d pick the third way too.

I started training on January 21 at their Blue Bay, Macapagal branch. The one near SM Mall of Asia. The first day of training was sorta just an orientation. Familiarizing the workplace, work ethics, and the pizzas. Yes, that’s right. A taste test was obviously at hand. We tried every single pizza and salad Project Pie had to offer. The best training ever! A manual was also provided. I’m pretty sure no one read that manual in its entirety.

My job now is a whole lot similar to what I used to do at Busch Gardens. A feeling of nostalgia overwhelmed me on my first hands-on training on our second day. We had a total of only four days of training. After that, we were dispatched to Project Pie’s Alabang branch where we have been working up until now.

At the Alabang branch, weekdays are slow. But when weekends kick in, it gets crazy. Wave after wave of people come in non-stop. Rarely do we ever get to see the light at the end of the tunnel. People just come pouring like rain. It gets worse. Most order Build-Your-Owns and ask for almost every topping we have. The dreaded All-Cheese-All-Meats-All-Veggies combo. Its a killer pizza. When I do the oven and bake their pizzas, I always make a mess inside. It can’t be helped. Some just have this putting-everything-will-taste-good mentality, which we never recommend. The toppings are unevenly cooked and the pizza gets soggy. The only good side after we put our two cents in and advise the guests is that they only have themselves to blame if their pizzas don’t come out the way they pictured it.

Aside from our seven signature pizzas, we also have pizza salads, salads, and dessert pizzas. Personally, our Banana Nutella dessert pizza is my fave. How can you go wrong with Nutella? It goes well with pretty much everything.

One rule we follow is that we call each other by names and not the traditional Ma’am/Sir and Ate/Kuya, including the higher-ups. The company wants everyone to feel equal. It’s just that other people have certain accountabilities. This is similar to the American culture which we try to bring here. That includes the Clean As You Go or self-bussing rule. Makes our work a little lighter. Just a little.

Work becomes fun because I’m already friends with my partners. It turns out, most of them also applied for an Internship. I met them on the second half of our Internship at Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island, Michigan. Talk about coincidence.


And that’s about it. I have had no problems with work, so far. Everything’s going smoothly. Hopefully, it’s smooth sailing from here onwards.


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