Roughly two months ago, I started working at the Alabang branch of Project Pie as a Restaurant Partner. I made a lot of new friends, received my first ever salary here in the Philippines, and learned how to custom build artisan pizza.


Project Pie is the very definition of fun at work. We literally get to balance both in every shift. It’s not everyday I get hired in an establishment as such. I’d like to think of myself as lucky based on a number of factors. Here are a few:

Alabang is relatively near from my place. Transportation is convenient.
Alabang has a specific target target audience – basically, rich people.
• The managers on duty are almost the same age as the partners.
Alabang branch receives the most praise from HQ.
• I already knew a lot of partners before I even joined.
• Optimum growth is feasible.
Everyone is AWESOME.

I’ve named only a few. And that list is just the tip of the iceberg. What I really want to share is something related to the second to the last factor of my list. Growth. At Project Pie, with so many stores opening in the upcoming months, vacant positions are escalating. Ads on the internet are proliferating. And with the addition of new partners, the earlier partners seize the moment and get promoted. This is the situation I am in now. Let me provide more details.

A few days ago, Jason, one of our Team Leaders, wanted to talk with me. At first I misunderstood what he meant by talk. At Project Pie, when partners say “Let’s talk,” it’s our code for “Let’s smoke (cigarettes).” I let out a faint chuckle. Then I sensed the seriousness of Jason’s eyes. He really did mean an actual conversation. He gestured upstairs, changed his mind, and sat halfway down the stairs at the back of the store. I felt a sudden chill and nervousness. Out of instinct, I blurted out, “I’m innocent.” We both laughed. As we did, Sabs, also one of our Team Leaders, teleported behind my back. A Team-Leader-Partner sandwich.

I need to tell you something, Rommel.” Jason’s eyes were fixed on me. “I want to ask you to come with me when our Makati branch opens.

Confusion overwhelmed my fragile little body. There and then, I had about a million questions. But before I could ask, Sabs interrupted.

“We feel that your performance needs to be enhanced. Makati would be a great place for that.” Sabs pointed out.

I opened my mouth, hoping to confirm everything I just heard. Jason interrupted and said, “Joke!

The three of us bursted into laughter. I seriously thought I was performing below average. It turned out to be the exact opposite. Jason explained that when the Makati branch (Park Square) opens, he wanted to bring me, Diane, and TJ along with him in hopes of promoting us to Team Leaders. I was honored. Honestly, it was a very tough decision to make. I had to weigh in the PROs and CONs. And even though I procrastinated and eventually didn’t do the weighing, it left me with something to think about for days.

Today, Jason asked for my final answer. I was already leaning towards a YES a few days ago. I decided I wanted to at least give this a shot. If it doesn’t work out, I get to stay at Alabang with my current friends. If it does, I would already be a Team Leader and pioneer of the new Makati branch. It was one of those win-win situations that just had certain repercussions. One more thing. I neglected to mention that I only have a 50% chance of being promoted. The people at HQ would have to analyze my performance and all those other stuff and give their approval. All I can do is sit back, relax, and look forward to the outcome. A brighter future lies ahead of me.


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