King’s Cup on Earth Hour

A few days ago, my partners (co-workers) agreed that going home early on a morning shift was lame. Thus, we decided to spend a couple of hours bonding.

The first thing on our list was to watch a movie – Captain America: The Winter Soldier or Divergent. Those two were our only choices at Alabang Town Center (ATC). We had more choices at Festival Mall, but for some reason, everyone chose ATC as our venue. Either one was fine though.

Our dilemma of which movie we should watch was quickly resolved. Majority picked Divergent. Unfortunately, when we got there (via Carlos’ car), the tickets were already sold out. It wasn’t much of a shocker. Three cinemas for Captain America versus one cinema for Divergent. The odds were against us. We would’ve opted for the first, except that the next screening time was inconvenient for most of us. That and we had to wait for a couple of hours. So we ditched the movies and crossed it off our list. Next stop: a good place to eat.

ATC caters mostly to rich people, which is why most restaurants are fancy schmancy. For a kid with a tight budget, ATC would be the last place to look for a nice place to eat. But for a kid who wouldn’t think twice to spend money for quality food, I had a myriad of choices. The choice still depended on majority.

We landed at Johnny Rockets. It’s diner-themed interior probably hooked our eyes. Upon entering, the song Footloose was playing. A huge jukebox greeted all who entered. A short-haired lady in a 50’s or 60’s style uniform welcomed us and led us to our table. Or should I say tables as we had to combine two separate tables to fit all six of us (Carlos, Raine, Tahani, Ben, Rita, and yours truly).


Burgers. Everyone ordered burgers. Ben ordered one with unlimited fries. Rita and I pondered whether we should get the Truffle Burger or not. We didn’t. I probably wouldn’t be able to finish it. When we decided to get the bill, Carlos stopped us all and took care of it. Our screams reverberated throughout the entire store. No one wanted Carlos to pay for the whole thing, but after much insistence, he won (after pulling out a wad of cash faster than anyone). Naturally, we thanked him. Very generous, that guy.

Out last stop was a place called Manong’s located at Palms Country Club just a few meters away from where I work. We arrived there just in time for Earth Hour. Lights were kept at a bare minimum. Candles wrapped in white paper were used as centerpieces to slightly illuminate the place at just the right amount. People from various tables talked non-stop, contributing to the overall noise which affected the ambience of the place greatly.

After a lengthy random conversation with beer as our companions, a seventh person joined us – Doms. The seventh son of the seventh son. Doms’ arrival brought about a sudden twist; the introduction of a game of cards named King’s Cup.


The Mechanics:
Each person draws a card. A certain rule is affixed to each card. The person who draws the card must abide to its rule. Simple as that. With the exception that you can pretty much make your own rule for each card although there are standard rules. A game of total uncertainty.

There is also a rule that is pretty much the same regardless of where the King’s Cup game is played – the rule of the King. Basically, the person who draws the first three Kings of the deck must pour slash put something in a glass or cup and fill it to their hearts’ content. This can range from cigarette ash to a piece of gum. Anything, really. The lucky guy who draws the fourth King must ingest the whole glass or cup. That’s how this game got its name.

King’s Cup filled our night with laughter. Not just beer, which the others had so much. A memorable night for everyone. Cheers!


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