Yet Another General Assembly

Today was our second General Assembly. Well, second since I joined Project Pie. As to how many GA’s (we like to call events in acronyms to sound cool-ish) were held before I got in, I have no idea.

The first General Assembly, in my opinion, was a whole lot more fun compared to today’s. We had games – I guess we sorta considered them as games – with the partners and Managers, decent food, a higher number of attendees, and even a mini awarding ceremony. Oh and tons of blurry pictures. Blame it on our awesomeness gauge. T’was too high last time.

Today’s General Assembly felt down in the dumps. Less energy, less partners, less agenda, and worse, less fun. It wasn’t completely boring, though I admit I snuck a nap or two in between, it’s just that it somehow fell flat. Don’t get me wrong. It was fun. Just not as fun as last time.

We kicked off the GA with a quick video slash photo slideshow with music made especially by Jason of our awesome (yes, we are awesome) partners and Managers during and off work. We had a barrel of laughs from our oh-so-awesome moments captured in photos. The next was, or were, opening speeches from pretty much everyone.

The Managers tackled scheduling first. Everyone was reminded of the limits, changes and all. Everyone pretty much feels at ease when they request a change or switch of shift. It happens all the time for various reasons. Now, management is enforcing a certain level of strictness. All schedule requests, be it minor or major, should be logged in a form of some sort. Same goes for other requests like Rest Days or Leaves. The following topics like Stocks, BEF (Buildings, Equipments, and Furnitures) and guest satisfaction were also discussed. Basically, we should take care of our goods, machines, guests, and each other. That’s pretty much the gist of it. Then came breakfast.

Breakfast came in the form of water. Everyone got a free glass of tap water. Just kidding. Our choices were very limited. We had, mostly, desserts last time. I liked that. A huge and proud chocoholic here. Today’s were narrowed down to Amber’s spaghetti, palabok (dunno what it’s called in English), and Jason’s (one of our Managers) sister’s homemade bread. The pasta was unexpectedly good. Skipping breakfast today was still a wrong move. I had to bear the consequences.

We had to wrap things up by doing a little cleaning and bidding the PM shift and the partners who are off today goodbye. The store still had to open up and prep for the day. And I have the earliest shift today (8:00AM). Lucky me.

Incidentally, today is my little sister Trixia’s thirteenth birthday. She’s all grown up now. The road of being a teenager is gonna be a tough one. She better brace herself for an adventure of a lifetime. It’s Adventure Time! (Sorry. Love that show!)

P.S. Photos to follow. Teehee!


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