Jamba Juice Jambassadors

Last night, the entire AM shift group decided to hang out at Alabang Town Center for a couple of hours. Obviously, we had nothing better to do.

Originally, I wanted to play a game of laser tag with them. Or with anyone, really. I was itching to blast people with imaginary laser beams and rack up some huge points. Not today, I guess. I always have so much fun playing that I always wanna go back. One happy customer here.

Instead, we pigged out at their food court. Chicken Charlie caught my attention. It has always been compared to BonChon that I wanted to try and see (or taste) whether or not the comparison was even necessary. The cold hard truth: it wasn’t. The chicken tasted bland and was really dry. I got a hefty serving of chicken probably to compensate for the taste. Nice try. Better luck next time.

As we passed by tons of shops, our bellies were bulging out. Everyone was really full. Except me. I’m always hungry. Anyone who’s anyone knows that I’m always particularly hungry. Since we just had dinner, I suggested we get desserts. Skipping desserts is a humungous NO-NO in my book. That time, I was thinking between the line of cupcakes and milk tea. We got neither. Instead, we went to Jamba Juice.


Jamba Juice had a very calming ambience. The store exuded an aura of serenity. Even the constant chatter of people blended in the surroundings. The interior was cute and fresh. I liked the wall designs despite being a little plain. I’ve heard of Jamba Juice and even passed by it thousands of times but never bothered trying it out. I have never been fascinated about juice bars. Oops. Present tense. I’m [still] currently not fascinated about juice bars. Not much of a fan of fruit or berries or whatever. Jason wanted to go really bad so we all tagged along.




I ordered a large Chocolate Mood. It was the only sensible item in the menu. Chocolate frozen yogurt or something. Close enough. Carlos took the liberty to pay for everything AGAIN. What’s new? We honored him with a thousand thank you’s and praises before proceeding to the second level where we talked just about anything that came up. My mouth went on non-stop. I was screaming and laughing and talking and even humming. I was super hyper. A feeling similar to when someone gets way too much caffeine. There weren’t any on my drink, were they? Probably not. The rest of the night just sailed smoothly into oblivion.


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