MonDate ♥

Monday. Three days have passed here in this seemingly war-torn city. Today, I went on a little date with my little sister. We have dates all the time. We visit cafés, shops, malls, and many more. Basically, I  choose to spend a lot when I’m with Trixia.

Our first stop was GAP Labs. Or I think it was only one word: GAPLabs. I had no idea where it was located. I relied on my not-so-trusty GPS. It led me to the Barangay Hall. I figured asking the officials was an easy way out. I did. They pointed me to the opposite direction. I went back, retraced my steps, and found this narrow pathway that people would have to look thrice before seeing. I found GAPLabs just a few meters ahead. Their logo was imprinted on the gate. At first glance, one would assume  it was a residential place. The only thing that gave it away was the security guard positioned in front of the gate. I took the liberty to ask if my friend Eloise was there. The guard gave a puzzled look, giving away the impression that he didn’t know who Eloise was. I tried again but used Eloise’s nickname Elie. Just like that, the guard’s face lit up. Kinda like those scenes where a light bulb appears out of thin air and lights up on top of people’s heads. I was told that she went out for a bit. I went to the nearby grocery store and bided my time. When I went back, the people told me she went back and called her. A lady in pink with full-on bangs came out. It was not her. The second lady who stepped out, with a dark-colored shirt and very short shorts and not full-on bangs turned out to be her. I gave her my not-so-melted KitKat Matcha and we took pictures together. I paid her a surprise visit because our chances of seeing each other on Wanderland Music Festival 2014 slimmed down. I was hoping I can let her taste our Banana Nutella dessert pizza. We parted ways when it started drizzling.

By the time we were done, it was already lunch time. We had no idea where to eat. Trixia suggested H Snack Avenue which I have passed by two days ago. I have never been there so we tried it. I ordered their Lamb Burger which everyone was raving for as stated by their poster. Trixia ordered Fish Fillet. We got a hefty serving of Cheese, Sour Cream, and BBQ flavored fries. The burger was okay. Not exactly what I would rave for, but considering the price, it was a good deal. Because we brought our pocket wiFi’s (we each had one), we stayed for almost an hour long after eating. Our usual conversation was still random, ranging from her school to her friends to anything that came up. I liked our little social interactions after meals.

Next on our list was K Patisserie. I have been meaning to visit that place. Finally, I did. Space-wise, it was smaller than I originally imagined. The place looked bigger when it was closed yesterday. We found a cozy table at the corner, away from this noisy group of people occupying a huge table as if in a conference. Choices were limited. I chose the Peppermint cupcake and Trixia got the Oreo cupcake. Figures. I was hoping she would try the Red Velvet cupcakes. It looked good. I also ordered an Ice Choco that reminded me of Dunkin Donuts’. My cupcake was scrumptious! The minty goodness coalescing with the sugary sweet flavor of the icing was a delight. Paired with my Iced Choco, I was on my way to Cloud 9. If I wasn’t so full from drinking an entire bottle of water, I would’ve tried the other flavors. Trixia finished her cupcake before I can even munch on mine. Her Oreo cupcake was also just as good. Well, she devoured the whole thing in a matter of minutes. Seconds, even. And that’s saying something.




Our last stop: pasalubong (souvenir) shopping. Well, delicacies, to be exact. I bought Shamrock Otap, moron, and Peanut Kisses for my partners at Project Pie. I didn’t get to buy those handmade bracelets which was a common trend in the store when you’ve just gotten back from your vacation. There weren’t any here anyway. Next thing you know, we were homebound.

Incidentally, Trixia and I kept singing Joe BrooksSuperman. Both of us caught the Last Song Syndrome. I was singing the cover version of TJ Monterde though. Different beat. Same good song.


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